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Codex Compact Drive Dock for ALEXA Mini LF

Codex and ARRI introduce their new Thunderbolt 3 Compact Drive Dock. It can read ARRI ALEXA Mini LF Compact Drive Media up to 20 Gb/sec. That is 2.5x faster than the currently-shipping Compact Drive USB-C Reader.

The Codex Compact Drive Dock lets you offload ARRI ALEXA Mini LF data much faster than ever before. Combined with Codex Device Manager and HDE (High Density Encoding), downloads are easy and reliable. read more…

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Panasonic+Codex VariCam Pure

At IBC 2016, Panasonic introduces the VariCam Pure. It  is a “co-production” between Panasonic and Codex. VariCam Pure is a new S35 4K/2K camera system with high-quality imaging, 14+ stops of dynamic range,  dual ISO 800/5000,   and built-in, uncompressed RAW to 120 fps. The new VariCam Pure camera records pure, uncompressed RAW up to 120 fps onto familiar, industry-standard Codex Capture Drive 2.0 media already widely used by many camera systems, post facilities and studios. read more…

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Canon Cinema EOS C700

This is the camera that many have dreamed Canon would build. They have. Canon presents Cinema EOS C700 at IBC 2016. It’s a Super35 format studio and shoulder-resting “A” camera with internal 4K ProRes and XF-AVC as well as integrated Codex uncompressed RAW recording. There is a choice of two lens mounts, PL or EF mount—and a choice of Global Shutter or Standard CMOS sensor. Pixel size is 6.4 x 6.4 μm. Depending on model and mode, effective image area is 26.2 x 13.8mm (29.6 mm diagonal) when shooting 4K and 28.9 x 15.2 (32.6mm diagonal) in RAW 4.5K. Download the 12-page PDF special report. read more…

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Codex for Alexa SXT

The ALEXA SXT cameras have an updated Codex recording “engine,” similar to the system built into the ALEXA 65. It uses the latest SXR Capture Drives, which offer an astounding data rate of 20GB/s. ALEXA SXT cameras have a new, internal media bay, developed by Codex, that accepts the latest SXR Capture Drives. Adaptors let you use existing XR Capture Drives, as well as SxS cards and CFast 2.0 cards. read more…

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1 Codex, 4 Alexa Minis, No Waiting

Normally associated with barbershops (4 barbers no waiting) and Jimmy Contner, when he was a camera operator (2 cameras no waiting)… Codex announced 8-channel HD-SDI recording for the new ARRI Alexa Mini camera. The Codex recorder will enable simultaneous ARRIRAW recording from 4 Alexa Minis. This will be good for multiple cameras on car rigs, stunts, and multi-camera shoots. In 16:9 mode, the… read more…

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Codex Action Cam

  FDTimes begins a few online teasers and excerpts from our upcoming 96-page NAB edition. Codex gets into the camera business.  At NAB 2014, Codex Digital introduces Action CAM, a tiny camera with big potential. Why is this so interesting and how is it different from itty bitty cameras that have come before? Look at the picture above and see… read more…


“The Human Voice” Rome Slideshow

[new_royalslider id=”6″] At Studios International, Rome. Edoardo Ponti, Director. Rodrigo Prieto, ASC, AMC, Cinematographer. Canon C500. Canon zooms. Cooke S4/i Primes. Codex Onboard S Plus Recorder. 2K 12-bit.

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ARRI Alexa XR and XT

Alexa XR Module Upgrade ARRI has announced today that existing Alexa cameras can soon be upgraded with internal ARRIRAW. ARRI and Codex worked together to develop a new XR Module (Xtended Recording) side cover for ARRIRAW uncompressed recording right where your SxS PRO card previously went. Any of the five current Alexas can be upgraded: Alexa, Alexa Plus, Alexa Plus… read more…

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The Envelopes Please

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines and get your gowns or tuxes ready for the awards season. In Arthur Mayer’s film class at Dartmouth we placed bets. The winner got a prized copy of Arthur’s “History of the Movies.” Times have changed. We now look for patterns in technique and technology. This list comes from many sources and will be… read more…

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Codex Onboard S, 4K M Recorder, Vault

From Codex: new compact Codex Onboard S Recorder, 4K RAW Recording for Canon C500 with Onboard M Recorder, “4K 4 Cities” Film, Codex Vault read more…

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ARRI Alexa DNxHD on Avid

ARRI Alexa cameras will record native Avid DNxHD as MXF files in-camera on SxS Cards. The downloadable Software Update Packet 6.0 (due January 2012) will enable Avid DNxHD codec data rates of up to 145Mbit/s (bit depth 8 bit) and 220MBit/s (bit depth 10 bit) to be supported in the initial release. Avid’s highest quality version of the codec, Avid DNxHD 444,… read more…

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Oli at NAB 2011

Sony’s theme was “Believe Beyond HD.” The Digital Cinema Society’s seminar was titled, “3D, 4K and beyond.” We saw plenoptic lenses selectively adjusting focus within a scene. We saw the GoPro 3D camera on a model helicopter. NAB 2011 was well beyond HD. Attendance was up, along with activity on the show floor.  It could be a reflection of a… read more…

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The new CODEX ARRIRAW recorder attaches directly to ALEXA with brackets, and is fully ARRIRAW T-Link certified. Currently recording RAW in New York on Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (Warner Bros./Paramount; dir: Stephen Daldry; DP: Chris Menges, ASC, BSC). The recorder, datapacks and transfer stations will be available directly from Codex, ARRI and their dealers.

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