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ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance

ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance (SPR) lenses are a new set of 7 lenses that artistically emphasize ghosting (flares) and are consistent across the entire set. They are based on Supreme Primes with a warmer color tone. They are not simply the same lenses with the coatings removed. There is no loss of light and no uncontrolled “white-out.” Instead, Radiance lenses have newly formulated T* Blue coatings. While there are 13 focal lengths in a set of Supremes, a Radiance set consists of 7, from 21mm to 100mm, all T1.5. There will be limited production runs. read more…

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“The Human Voice” Rome Slideshow

[new_royalslider id=”6″] At Studios International, Rome. Edoardo Ponti, Director. Rodrigo Prieto, ASC, AMC, Cinematographer. Canon C500. Canon zooms. Cooke S4/i Primes. Codex Onboard S Plus Recorder. 2K 12-bit.

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