1 Codex, 4 Alexa Minis, No Waiting


Normally associated with barbershops (4 barbers no waiting) and Jimmy Contner, when he was a camera operator (2 cameras no waiting)…

Codex announced 8-channel HD-SDI recording for the new ARRI Alexa Mini camera. The Codex recorder will enable simultaneous ARRIRAW recording from 4 Alexa Minis. This will be good for multiple cameras on car rigs, stunts, and multi-camera shoots.

In 16:9 mode, the maximum fps for each camera is 90 fps. The 4 cameras must add up to a maximum of 360 fps. For example, you could have 2 cameras at 120 fps, and 2 at 60 fps.

Frame rates in 4:3 mode to be announced.

Also, ARRI Alexa Mini Product Manager Michael Jonas just posted price: the Alexa Mini body will cost around 32,500 €.

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