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Canon Cinema EOS C700

This is the camera that many have dreamed Canon would build. They have. Canon presents Cinema EOS C700 at IBC 2016. It’s a Super35 format studio and shoulder-resting “A” camera with internal 4K ProRes and XF-AVC as well as integrated Codex uncompressed RAW recording. There is a choice of two lens mounts, PL or EF mount—and a choice of Global Shutter or Standard CMOS sensor. Pixel size is 6.4 x 6.4 μm. Depending on model and mode, effective image area is 26.2 x 13.8mm (29.6 mm diagonal) when shooting 4K and 28.9 x 15.2 (32.6mm diagonal) in RAW 4.5K. Download the 12-page PDF special report. read more…

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Scorpio Anamorphic Lenses

When Andres and Alfredo Valles and Pedro Povill invited me to visit them in Barcelona, I jumped. Barcelona is one of the great cities on earth for architecture, daring cuisine, and a bold new journey by Servicevision into anamorphic lens manufacturing. The pundits were prognosticating that it couldn’t be done: designed by lady, made in Spain, by a bunch of… read more…

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This is what has been cooking at Angénieux and Cooke

Anamorphic Lenses At the AFC Micro Salon in Paris a few weeks ago, Angénieux CEO and President Pierre Andurand and Cooke Chairman Les Zellan were seen tête à tête. FDTimes has learned that Angénieux and Cooke technical teams worked together to share the design of their respective anamorphic lenses and check their compatibility. Pierre Andurand said, “Les and I are… read more…

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