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Cree LED Practicals

I was looking for good LED practicals shaped practically like regular lightbulbs. Something to replace the venerable 75 watt tungsten 211 bulb inside a paper Chinese lantern without the thrill of fire hazard or incineration. And to replace the tungsten and CFL bulbs in the office and at home. Jim Sanfilippo, President of NILA, makers of Zaila, Varsa, Boxer and… read more…

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Don’t Miss Day 2 at ICG+52 Seminar

[nggallery id=6] Who knew? More than 400 members of International Cinematographers Guild local 600, local 52, and local filmmakers knew that a beautiful weekend at the beach would be nothing compared to one of the best industry seminars and exhibits of the year. With high-power (the speakers, not the amperage) lighting workshops, equipment exhibits, post production panels, and discussions–the Secaucus… read more…


Airstar Gaffair

EXT. NEW YORK CITY – NIGHT New York City has an estimated 300,000 streetlights. Most of them are sodium vapor. Filming night exteriors, standard practice was often to augment the available light with HMI or Tungsten. “Fighting” the available light would provide good skin tones on talent, but “unlit” backgrounds would have a different color. Among the lights shown at… read more…


Oli at NAB 2011

Sony’s theme was “Believe Beyond HD.” The Digital Cinema Society’s seminar was titled, “3D, 4K and beyond.” We saw plenoptic lenses selectively adjusting focus within a scene. We saw the GoPro 3D camera on a model helicopter. NAB 2011 was well beyond HD. Attendance was up, along with activity on the show floor.  It could be a reflection of a… read more…

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FDTimes NAB Edition Contents

FDTimes April 2011 double issue 41-42 hits the halls of NAB on opening day: at 9 am on Monday April 11, 2011. Pick up your complimentary copy of Film and Digital Times from the publication bins in the Central Hall Main Lobby and South Hall Upper Lobby, at our booth C9550, and at the booths of our sponsors, including Sony, Fujinon,… read more…

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Lumières in Lyon

December 12, 2010. We’re in Lyon for the final day of the annual Festival of Lights (Fête des Lumières). It began in 1852. The people of Lyon illuminated the fronts of their houses, churches and buildings with candles. There were no street lights yet; December nights could be bleak and very dark. Lighting designers, architects, gaffers, engineers, filmmakers and video… read more…

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December Issue now online for Subscribers

Our 96 page December Issue 36-38 of Film and Digital Times is now online. Subscribers: click on the MEMBERS tab, above. The print edition has gone to press. It will be in the mail soon. Our cover says “Converging Worlds.” Although convergence and 3D certainly has everyone’s attention, this is the historic year of convergence and collision between consumer and professional… read more…

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Francesca Storaro, AILD, AIDI, PLDA, IALD

An elegant lady dressed in white tapped me on the shoulder in the lobby at Cinec. “Nice article,” she said. It was Francesca Storaro, above, author of that article in the September issue of FDTimes. Francesca is a prominent Lighting Designer, recently recognized by “Mondo Arc” as one of the top 50 lighting designers in the world. Read the article online: FrancescaStoraro_Domes150


Kino Flo Practicals

The most useful, simple and earth-changing product we saw at Cinec and IBC was the new Kino Flo compact fluorescent (daylight and tungsten) bulb. This is something cinematographers have been dreaming of for a long time: to screw a color-correct Edison-based fluorescent bulb into practical lamps and lighting fixtures that perfectly match larger on-set Kino Flo units. Up to now, there… read more…

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Cars at Magic Hour

You’ll recognize the Audis here from the previous post, where they were under the hot lights of a stage display. Here, they are mirroring the reflected sky and surroundings of magic hour–a far more desirable environment. While magic hour in tropical latitudes lasts a few minutes and quickly become happy hour early in the evening, magic hour in northern Europe… read more…


How Not to Light Cars

In all fairness, this lighting setup is not for a commercial. It’s a manufacturer’s demo display. But it graphically shows how cars reflect the sources lighting them. Maybe you want hot spots from the fresnels above. Probably not. A long gridcloth glowing from above would create a beautiful source for the cars below. Look at a car in the midday… read more…


FDTimes New Issue 32+33 Now Online

Film and Digital Times Mid-Year Cine Gear 2010 Edition (issue 32+33) is now online for subscribers. We will be all over Cine Gear. Visit us at Booth # 126 for a complimentary paper copy. See you there: June 4-5.www.cinegearexpo.com

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Dorn Good Strobe Softbox

In case you’re wondering what we use on many of the Film and Digital Times product still shots–it’s the Bruce Dorn “Whole Shooting’ Match for Speedlites” from IDC Photography and F. J. Westcott along with our Canon 580EX II Speedlite (strobe) that fires remotely with our Canon 7D. Since Bruce does stills and motion pictures, he knows the benefit of… read more…

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Nila SL Space Light

Space Lights are an efficient way to light large studio sets with relatively even “sky light” from above. They hang like giant lanterns from the studio grid. Spaced roughly every 10 feet apart, they are helpful for lighting floor space in front of white cycs and blue or green screen setups. A traditional tungsten Space Light consists of six 1000… read more…


California Sunshine in Moscow

by Roman Hoffmann The Luminys SoftSun 100K and 50K light heads (www.luminyscorp.com) are now available in Moscow. Bogdan Chaplinsky and his crew at Bogdan I Brigada  (www.bogdanibrigada.ru), one of Russia’s largest rental houses, manage these two units. At a presentation on February 4, 2010 in one of Bogdan’s stages, 20 Russian gaffers, lighting technicians and Dedo Weigert’s crew gathered around the two… read more…

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AFC Micro Salon 2010

Highlights of AFC Micro Salon 2010. Full report coming soon. Click here for full-screen slideshow.

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Hanging Lights

Here’s a clever piece of Gripology. Instead of Condors or Parallels, suspend your lights from the roof or an upstairs window with a Matthews Max. The “boom-like” stand positions lights up to 75 pounds, extending 16 feet from the base. More often seen to position a back-light, this is an innovative application by key grip John Janusek on the 2010 Liongate… read more…


Dedo Weigert Lighting Seminar at Abel

Dedo Weigert captivated a standing-room only crowd of filmmakers at Abel Cine Tech with an illuminating lecture and demo of his vast line of dedolight lighting equipment. The two-day seminar (Thursday and Friday, Nov 5 and 6) confirmed a long-standing mantra, and Dedo said it himself: “no matter how long you’ve been lighting, you can always learn more.”

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