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Codex gets into the camera business. 

At NAB 2014, Codex Digital introduces Action CAM, a tiny camera with big potential.

Why is this so interesting and how is it different from itty bitty cameras that have come before? Look at the picture above and see what the cameras plug into. It’s a Codex Recorder and it looks very similar to a Codex Onboard S Recorder that’s no longer onboard, but has all the familiar features and controls, and accepts a standard Codex Capture Drive.

Codex Action CAM is a complete camera, capture, transcoding, recording and data management system for places and spaces where the “A” camera is just too big to fit.

The Codex Action CAM itself is a tiny remote camera head that shoots up to 60 fps. It comes packaged with the Codex Camera Control Recorder that delivers full remote control of the camera, along with the familiar features of the industry-standard Codex recorder.

Size: The Action CAM camera head measures just 45 x 42 x 53 mm / 1.7 x 1.6 x 2.1 in. The Codex Camera Control Recorder is only 83 x 139 x 188 mm / 3.3 x 5.5 x 7.4 in.

Weight: Camera set consisting of the recorder and two camera heads, weighs 1.5 kg. / 3.3 lb.

Connections: A single coax cable connects the base unit and camera head, carrying video, control signals and power. With industrial-grade cables, the base unit and camera head can be up to 180 meters / 590 ft apart.

CCD Sensor: Action CAM uses a Kodak 2⁄3″ CCD sensor. Codex reports great sensitivity, extended dynamic range, low signal-to-noise, temperature stability and no visible fixed-pattern-noise. A global shutter means there is no distortion of fast-moving objects.

Image: 14-bit image processing, 12-bit RAW output and Codex debayering.

Native Stereo 3D: Connect two camera heads to the Codex Camera Control Recorder, and the signals undergo the same image-processing. You get completely synchronous 3D output and identical image properties, such as white balance and contrast. This makes shooting S3D simple and straightforward, almost plug-and-play, saving time and money in post production.

Upgraded C-Mount: Action CAM makes back focus adjustment quick, easy and precise. It has a special mechanism with a sturdy locking lever, and an accurate back focus wheel that rotates independently of the lens mount. This makes it possible to quickly adjust the flange focal distance of C-Mount lenses.
NAB booth C6048

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