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FDTimes January 2023 Issue Updated

FDTimes is pleased to release Version 1.01—the January 5, 2023 Edition of Issue 118, a mere 12 hours after initial launch.

There’s a new page 33. Dan Sasaki, Senior Vice President of Optical Engineering and Lens Strategy at Panavision goes into detail about lenses used by Autumn Durald Arkapaw, ASC on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Typos and errors were corrected, with thanks to readers and reps. And yes, the sun is 93 million miles away, not 239 thousand. read more…

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Shooting on Location without Flying There

During this pandemic, how do we shoot on location without flying there? While some of us think green screen backgrounds are about as much fun as having root canal work, what if you could use affordable, consumer electronics, large screen LED TVs and projectors to let the actors interact in real time with their backgrounds on set? You can, and Sam Nicholson ASC explains how. He and his company Stargate worked on the HBO’s new series “Run.” The story travels across the United States on a train, but production never left the studio in Toronto—except to shoot the background plates in advance. Equipment includes RED cameras, Panavision lenses, DaVinci Resolve, lots of Blackmagic Design equipment, ARRI SkyPanels, 82″ monitors and lots more. read more…

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William Rexer’s Equipment List on “The Hunt”

William Rexer is shooting The Hunt, a TV series in New York for Amazon Studios. This article first appeared in June 2019 FDTimes, but now it’s updated with his comprehensive equipment list. REXER: “We’re shooting in Full Frame with three RED MONSTRO 8K VV cameras. I was attracted to the Sigma FF High Speed lenses and then I was blown away by them. We have three sets. I’m a big fan of Full Frame.  Amazon wants 4K deliverables. Al Pacino is the lead actor. It was very easy for me to explain that if we were shooting a medium close up and it was a perfect performance, you could easily pull a tighter shot out of it in the MONSTRO’s Full Frame 8K resolution. You have that flexibility. read more…

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Tatara Samurai: Film on Film

By Yasuaki Mitsuwa Director Yoshinari Nishikôri and Cinematographer Akira Sako, JSC recently completed the feature Tatara Samurai. This interview took place at the Imagica head office in Tokyo after the first screening of the film in April.     FILM AND DIGITAL TIMES JAPAN (FDTJ): Tell us about the film Tatara Samurai. DIRECTOR YOSHINARI NISHIKÔRI (N): “Tatara” is a unique… read more…

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Panavision 8K Millenium DXL Camera

Thank you JetBlue for WiFi while flying from NY to LA today. The emails, news, specs and photos were flying in from Panavision during the trip. Introducing at Cine Gear Expo: the new Panavision 8K Millenium DXL Camera. The camera is a collaboration of Panavision, Light Iron (color science) and RED (8K sensor) — and the result is a Panavised (in the best sense… read more…

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Milton Keslow 1935-2015

The motion picture business mourns the loss of yet another prominent member in the past week. Milton L. Keslow, Co-Founder of General Camera and founder of Keslow Television, passed away on December 29, 2015, at age 80. read more…

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Panavision Flare Lenses, PVintage, F55

An interview with Scott Kevan on “Deliver Us From Evil” with Panavized Sony F55 Cameras, Panavision Flare and PVintage lenses. JON FAUER: “Deliver Us From Evil” was released in July. What was the concept and visual style? SCOTT KEVAN: It’s a story inspired by actual accounts of a NYPD sergeant from the Bronx, Ralph Sarchie, and his interaction with both violent street crime… read more…

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Panavision Primo 70

Panavision officially announced their long-awaited Primo 70 series lenses — for 35mm digital motion picture cameras.  Presented in proof of concept Powerpoint in a SMPTE paper last year for a 70mm camera, these lenses are now offered for specially Panavised 35mm motion picture cameras with new Panavision 70 mount: ARRI Alexa, RED Dragon, Sony F55, Phantom 65.  I have seen some of these lenses… read more…


Panavision Primo V Primes

Panavision now has a new line of primes, the Primo V series. They have been designed for 35mm digital cameras, and because of protruding rear elements, cannot be used on mirror shutter film cameras. The set of Primo V primes consist of 14.5, 17.5, 21, 27, 35, 40, 50, 75, and 100 mm T1/9. The Primo V lenses use lens elements from existing Primos. Mechanics… read more…


Panavized F55

Here’s a nice view of the Sony F55 (ghosted) with the new Panavision modifications in plain sight: customized viewfinder with heater, leveling rod, finder arm, handles, cage around mount, PV mount, mattebox, and more. The two characters on the monitor are (l-r) Panavision’s Haluki Sadahiro, Director, Product Management for Camera Systems, and Dominick Aiello, Senior Camera Applications Engineer.  


The Envelopes Please

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines and get your gowns or tuxes ready for the awards season. In Arthur Mayer’s film class at Dartmouth we placed bets. The winner got a prized copy of Arthur’s “History of the Movies.” Times have changed. We now look for patterns in technique and technology. This list comes from many sources and will be… read more…

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Panavision Movements

Suzanne Lezotte leaves Panavision after 9 years to become Director of Marketing at Bexel. We wish Suzanne all the best in her new position. Rob Baker, Randy Reck, and Haluki Sadahiro have joined Panavision.  Dan Sasaki has been promoted. Presumably this is part of Panavision’s much rumored rollout of new cameras and lenses. Dan Sasaki, lens designer at Panavision for over… read more…