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Oli at NAB 2011

Sony’s theme was “Believe Beyond HD.” The Digital Cinema Society’s seminar was titled, “3D, 4K and beyond.” We saw plenoptic lenses selectively adjusting focus within a scene. We saw the GoPro 3D camera on a model helicopter. NAB 2011 was well beyond HD. Attendance was up, along with activity on the show floor.  It could be a reflection of a… read more…

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Kodak App

Kodak’s new Film Calculator and Glossary is now available as a free download from the iTunes App Store. It helps you calculate the running time for any length of film in any format. It also tells you how much film you’ll need for a specific amount of time. To use the Film Calculator, enter the information you know: format, length,… read more…

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pCAM App for iPhone

David Eubank is a busy Hollywood Camera Assistant with a long list of impressive credits. Between high-profile jobs, he somehow has managed to conjure up the killer App for the Film Business: pCAM for iPhone. This amazing App is fast, intuitive, easy to understand and a pleasure to use. Beautiful GUI interface. It is easy to load, amazingly comprehensive, faster… read more…

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Mill Colour: Grading on iPhone

Thanks to Mako Koiwai for spotting Mill Colour, a terrific, free iPhone app from those wonderful visual effects people at The Mill. Use it on location to take a reference picture with your iPhone, then emulate primary grading and basic looks. In the iTune App Store, search for The Mill or Mill Colour.

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Focus Assist

  Mako Koiwai writes: “This is very cool! Download the interference pattern … don’t print it … use it on your screen … for checking focus …I emailed it to my iPhone, saved the file/image … it will reside in your Photos folder, where you can retrieve it and use it as a Focus Aid … for instance your 2nd… read more…


Hitchcock Storyboard iPhone App

Cinemek completed development of Hitchcock, an iPhone/iPod Touch application. We caught up with Cinemek founder and CEO, Jonathan Houser at Cine Gear. Hitchcock is based on standard storyboarding techniques. You begin by taking a picture on your iPhone, then pulling it into Panelview mode, where you can add dolly moves, zooms or pans. You can also create direction inside the… read more…


New iPhone with video and compass

The new Apple iPhone 3G S was just shown at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, with the things we’ve been waiting for: video, compass, cut-paste, landscape typing, longer battery life. Watch for reports on new Apps for set and location.

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DSLR Remote for iPhone

This just in from Mako Koiwai:  iPhone App remote control for Canon Digital SLRs (like the Canon 5D Mk II) Connect your camera to a WiFi enabled computer and the DSLR Camera Remote software enables you to use your Apple iPhone or iPod touch to wirelessly adjust cameras settings, fire the shutter, review images, get a live viewfinder preview. When… read more…

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