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Sony Cine Camera Reports

This 80-page FDTimes Special Edition began at the beginning of the year when colleagues called in with stories about recent jobs that happened to be filmed with Sony VENICE, BURANO and FX3 cameras.

These are not eulogies or reviews or production paeans. Instead, they are somewhat technical, sometimes nerdy, always artistic discussions about interesting films and series with lots of details about lenses, lighting, LUTs, peppered with long discourses on Director-DP dynamics, crew management, psychology, color science, career beginnings, film schools, first jobs, and all the other tales told on location waiting for the sun to rise, the clouds to part, or the next shot in a glass after wrap. read more…

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FDTimes June Issue #115 Goes Online May 31 @ 12:05pm EDT; 9:05 am PDT; 6:05 pm CET

You may ask, why was FDTimes serially missing from BSC Expo and AFC Micro Salon and NAB? Some of you mischievously bestowed virtual awards for the most minimalistic, unoccupied booth at NAB. A new ARRI camera is the reason why.

The 96-page camera report goes online here, top left of the home page on Tuesday, May 31, at 12:05 pm EDT; 9:05 am PDT; 6:05 pm CET. read more…

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FDTimes Jan 2021 in the Mail

The Film and Digital Times January 2021 Print Edition, Issue 106, is now in the mail.

The latest text update v.01.03.21 is online. Still free for all as a 150 PDF. And, the high rez 300 dpi PDF is ready for online subscribers to read or print. read more…

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FDTimes in these Times

Recent cancellations of NAB, Micro Salon Italy, the Louvre, Met, Boston Marathon and many other gatherings means serious social distancing. Lone walks, bike rides or runs amid early blossoming of cherry trees is a good idea.

Film and Digital Times will continue to publish on time, online and on paper.

  • Here are some of the things to look for:
  • There will be expanded, free, online coverage as new products destined for now-cancelled NAB are introduced. Watch this space—in the NEWS and PRODUCTS columns.
  • The pre-no-go-NAB FDTimes edition will come out mid to late April. Deadline for articles is April 2.
  • There will be a second edition in early to mid May with all the things coming in after April 2.
  • These April and May editions will be available in print and online as PDFs—free for all in a non-printable version, and a higher rez printable version for subscribers.

 read more…

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Full Frame & S35 Lenses at IBC

Full Frame was careening inexorably down the corridors of IBC like the stagecoach in the opening of The Hateful Eight. But a curious thing was afoot. IBC was packed with a plethora of Full Frame cine lenses. But there was a perplexing paucity of Full Frame cine cameras. What’s going on here? Why was the cart before the horse? read more…

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FDTimes September Edition 2nd Cover

This is the rear cover of September 2016 FDTimes, going online and in the mail at the opening of IBC — Friday, Sept 9. That’s Cinematographer Pierre Edelmann with the a Sigma Full Frame Cine Lens on RVZ’s RED 8K VV camera. Download the 20-page 3.7 MB PDF of the Sigma article — which also includes a comprehensive tour of the Sigma Factory in northern Japan and an interview with Kazuto Yamaki, CEO of Sigma. read more…

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Leica M 0.8 Full Frame Lenses

From Leica: another decisive moment. Leica Summilux-C and Summicron-C lenses were the result of repeated requests from cinematographers for legendary Leica optics in dedicated Super35 format cine lenses. Now CW Sonderoptic, sister company to Leica Camera, is bringing the iconic characteristics of Leica M Full Frame lenses back to the cinema world with new Leica M 0.8 lenses. read more…

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Sigma Full Frame and S35 Cine Lenses

The rumors are confirmed. The big booth at IBC makes sense: Sigma is jumping into the cinema industry with a new line of CINE LENSES. The big news is that most of them are Full Frame, High Speed, ridiculously small and incredibly light. At IBC, Sigma introduces a new line of Sigma Cine Lenses. The initial set will consist of five Full Frame Primes: 20, 24, 35, 50 and 85 mm, all T1.5 — and a Full Frame Zoom 24-35mm T2. For Super35, Sigma offers two fast zooms: 18-35mm T2 and 50-100mm T2. read more…

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Panasonic+Codex VariCam Pure

At IBC 2016, Panasonic introduces the VariCam Pure. It  is a “co-production” between Panasonic and Codex. VariCam Pure is a new S35 4K/2K camera system with high-quality imaging, 14+ stops of dynamic range,  dual ISO 800/5000,   and built-in, uncompressed RAW to 120 fps. The new VariCam Pure camera records pure, uncompressed RAW up to 120 fps onto familiar, industry-standard Codex Capture Drive 2.0 media already widely used by many camera systems, post facilities and studios. read more…

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FDTimes Sept IBC Issue 71 Coming Soon

Starry light…low light…moonlight…no light…new cameras…new lenses…flares…FDTimes September 2015 Issue 71 will be ready on opening day of IBC. Printing in LA and Amsterdam. Find us at IBC Booth 11.F31 (courtesy of Aaton Digital – Transvideo) and get free paper copies at the booths of our sponsors. read more…

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Gavin Finney BSC, “Wolf Hall,” candlelit, Leica Summilux-C T1.4, Alexa, Handheld

“Wolf Hall” is a series on BBC and PBS Masterpiece Theatre about Thomas Cromwell (Mark Rylance), a blacksmith’s son who rose to power as chief minister to King Henry VIII. Gavin Finney, BSC was the cinematographer. read more…

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Anamorphic 118 page Review (PDF)

Here’s a 118-page review of anamorphic cinematography from Film and Digital Times articles since 2007. It all began with a visit to Vantage, makers of Hawk Lenses. Peter Martin and Wolfgang Baumler suggested a book on anamorphic, something about which they know quite a lot. This led to more articles over those 8 years, as anamorphic widescreen took off and has been embraced many cinematographers and manufacturers. read more…

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FDTimes at NAB C10106

Visit Film and Digital Times Booth C10106 (across Band Pro and Sony, along the wall) at NAB for complimentary copies of our April Edition, the Leica special Edition, and a few remaining copies of the February issue. You can also pick up free copies from our freestanding publication bins in the entrance to Central Hall and in South Hall. And… read more…

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FDTimes at IBC

Film and Digital Times double issue 62-63 paper edition at IBC at entrance to Hall 11, booth 11.F31 (home of Aaton-Digital, Transvideo, FDTimes) and at the many booths of our sponsors. We’re printing this IBC September 2014 Edition simultaneously in Los Angeles and in Amsterdam. Worldwide edition is being shipped to subscribers now. read more…

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FDTimes NAB Booth C10006

  Setting up at NAB 2014. You’ll find us when the show opens on Monday under the Film and Digital Times Airstar balloon in Booth C10006 — next to Sony, across Band Pro and Pole Cam.

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International FDTimes Online

Film and Digital Times February 2014 Double Issue 58-59 is now online and ready to download for subscribers. (Click on the SUBSCRIBER DOWNLOAD button, above left). Here is the introduction — also available in the free preview. read more…

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FDTimes heading to IBC: Booth 11.F31

Film and Digital Times September IBC Issue 55-56 is printing in LA and Amsterdam, after a record number of “Stop the Presses” calls. I have never seen such a frenzy of up-to-the-minute last-minute new stuff. With apologies to Walter Salles’ The Motorcycle Diaries, beautifully shot by Eric Gautier, AFC for the photo above, taken by Juan Pablo Fabres. Les (playing Che, driving) and Jon (as Dr. Alberto Granado) travelled from Chile to Uruguay to Argentina. Our 96-page double issue is packed with up-to-the-minute information and lots of new products–many embargoed until the opening bell. Lots of new lenses (anamorphic and spherical), camera updates, rigs, mounts, lens metadata, accessories… read more…

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Sophia Loren, Edoardo Ponti, Rodrigo Prieto, Canon C500 Cover Story

Here’s a preview of the cover story from FDTimes Issue 55-56, going to press today and ready for opening day of IBC on Sept 13. We went on location in June to follow “The Human Voice,” starring Sophia Loren and directed by Edoardo Ponti in Rome and Naples. Rodrigo Prieto, ASC, AMC shot this short subject with Canon C500 cameras in 2K. There are enough interviews, technical essays and workflow diagrams–from camera to tent and beyond–to keep you occupied until the full 96-page September issue goes live on Sept. 13.  read more…

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FDTimes NAB Debrief

Après NAB, le deluge. FDTimes  begins the data dump, debriefing, pictures, and posts. It was one of the busiest NABs, with lots of exciting new products: Cooke, Angenieux, Scorpio, ARRI/ZEISS anamorphic lenses, image shaping (filters, post, lens adapters), rigs (MuVi, mods, handgrips, handles, matteboxes, cages), incredibly innovative new ways to move the camera, more than 4K, the RED Dragon upgrade… read more…

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A Tale of Two Covers

The Worldwide Edition of FDTimes has been printed in Hollywood, the French Edition has been printed in Paris. Daniel Pearl, ASC graces the cover of the former; Benoit Debie is on the latter. Both cinematographers are shown using a new Vantage One T1 prime. The French Edition was distributed at the AFC Micro Salon last week. PDF copies are ready… read more…

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