Codex for Alexa SXT

ALEXA SXT - Plus Codex SXR Drive - side view

Codex collaborated again with ARRI to develop the recording and workflow system for  the ALEXA SXT. The engineers from both companies worked together on the latest high-performance, integrated recording system, handling ARRIRAW and other formats, as well as on-set and near-set data management.

The ALEXA SXT cameras have an updated Codex recording “engine,” similar to the system built into the ALEXA 65. It uses the latest SXR Capture Drives, which offer an astounding data rate of 20GB/s.

ALEXA SXT cameras have a new, internal media bay, developed by Codex, that accepts the latest SXR Capture Drives. Adaptors let you use existing XR Capture Drives, as well as SxS cards and CFast 2.0 cards.


Alexa SXR module, Codex adaptors, Codex media (OK)

Alexa SXR module, Codex adaptors, Codex Capture Drives, SxS card, CFast 2.0 Card


Codex Capture Drive 2.0TB (OK)

New Codex Capture Drive 2.0TB



Codex Vault S (OK)

Code Vault S with bay for new Capture Drive 2.0TB (with blue band at front)



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  1. Rob Stiff says:

    Is the information from the ARRIRAW better than before?

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