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Cine Lens Specialist at ARRI Burbank

ARRI INC is looking for a Cinema Lens Specialist to work in their Burbank, CA office. Responsible for growing ARRI’s new line of cinema lenses by working closely with the sales and marketing team. Research the digital cinema markets to gain insight into market size and its potential for new sales. Interact with potential and existing clients. ARRI seeks a… read more…

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ARRI in France and Cannes

On Sunday May 21, ARRI hosted a pre-100th anniversary party at Cannes on the Plage Quinzaine. ARRI Managing Directors Dr. Joerg Pohlman and Franz Kraus announced the larger presence of ARRI in France: not only at Cannes but also with the opening of a new ARRI facility in Paris. It will be run by Natasza Chroscicki and Natacha Vlatkovic and the… read more…

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ARRI Alexa SXT Updates

ARRI has been upgrading Alexa XT cameras to Alexa SXT since IBC (early September 2016). There are two different upgrade paths for those who have received XT cameras in 2015 or 2016 (Keep & Buy and SXT Upgrade 15/16) and one upgrade for XT cameras shipped in 2013 or 2014 (SXT Upgrade 13/14). Existing XT owners should check with ARRI. The… read more…

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“A Beautiful Planet” – Canon, IMAX

Three Canon EOS C500 4K Digital Cinema Cameras and two EOS-1D C cameras were sent to the International Space Station for the IMAX production A Beautiful Planet. FDTimes discussed the technique and technology of this production with James Neihouse, ASC and Marsha Ivins, along with Tim Smith and Leigh Nofi of Canon. As Variety wrote, “Short of putting Emmanuel Lubezki through Astronaut training, it’s difficult to imagine more rapturously beautiful images of the Earth from orbit than those supplied by A Beautiful Planet, the latest collaboration between IMAX and NASA.” read more…

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Schaller, artemis and Trinity at ARRI

Artemis stabilizers, Trinity and Curt Schiller have all moved from Sachler – Vitec to ARRI. Trinity is a stabilizing rig combining Maxima gimbal and body stabilizer. Curt Schaller, BVK is a camera operator turned inventor who designed artemis and is head of the product line.  

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ARRI Alexa Mini Factory Visit

I visited ARRI in Munich this May to get a first-hand look at assembly of the Alexa Mini. This is a reprint from the report in FDTimes Issue 70 — June 2015. read more…

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NAC Open House in Tokyo

NAC Image Technology’s annual Open House event was held on June 24 and 25 at Toei studio in Oizumi, Tokyo. Around 400 visitors attended during the two days. There were two parts to the event: an exhibition of equipment at a film studio and presentations at a preview theater.  Mr. Franz Kraus, Managing Director of ARRI, lectured to a full house (“Better Motion Pictures on… read more…

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ARRI Full Factory Tour (PDF)

Special for Camerimage 2014. Free Reprint and Update from FDTimes issues since September 2013: AMIRA Factory Tour from issue 62-63, ALEXA 65 Special Report, ALEXA SUP Updates, ARRI Accessories.

80 pages. Best viewed in Adobe Acrobat with View-Page Display set to Two Page View, and Show Cover Page in Two Page View. read more…

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ARRI Alexa SUP 10.0.1

Bug fixed — ARRI Software Update Packet (SUP) 10.0.1 for ALEXA XT/XR cameras is now ready to download. SUP 10.0.1 fixes the distorted image recording bug in SUP 10.0. It includes updated viewfinder software, so the viewfinder should be attached during the installation.   SUP 10.0.1 includes: • Apple ProRes 4444 XQ. 500 Mb/s • Support for SONY 64GB and 128GB SxS PRO+ memory cards…. read more…

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ARRI Alexa SUP 10.0 Bug

ALEXA Software Update Packet (SUP) 10.0 has been removed temporarily from the ARRI website because of a critical recording bug. This bug could cause distorted images being recorded — while the image in the viewfinder, REC OUT and MON OUT looks OK. ARRI recommends downgrading all ALEXA cameras back to SUP 9.2, which is available from the DOWNLOADS section of the ARRI website. ARRI… read more…

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ARRI Alexa 3.2K ProRes for UHD

ARRI will offer no codec before its time. That time is when the image and color scientists on Tuerkenstrasse declare picture perfection. In an upgrade announcement reminiscent of the famous Orson Welles line (“we will serve no wine before its time”), ARRI Alexa cameras will soon be able to record 3.2K ProRes for seamless up-rez to UHD/4K in post. FDTimes readers recently sent a salvo… read more…

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ProRes UHD for AMIRA

A new software upgrade for ARRI’s documentary-style AMIRA camera will allow it to record ProRes UHD files offering future-proof headache relief. Producers, studios and companies considering the longevity of their programs wanted assurance that they would be suitable for UHD transmission, viewing, streaming or downloading. The old mantra of “we’ll just do the re-make when the next standard rears its head” is no longer credible. (Remember how long it took stations and studios to move from standard 16mm to Super 16mm, long after every new camera in the world was already fitted with a S16 gate?)

 read more…

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ARRI Alexa gets ProRes 4444 XQ

ARRI Alexa now supports Apple’s new ProRes 4444 XQ codec. This is now the highest quality version of ProRes — with a 1:4.5 compression ratio and a data rate of around 500 Mbps. (In comparison, ProRes 4444 had a compression of 1:6.8 and a data rate of 330 Mbps.) Final Cut Pro version 10.1.2 handles ProRes 4444 XQ. Alexa XT and Classic cameras with the XR Module will… read more…

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ARRI Ultra Wide Zoom 9.5-18 mm

  More details on ARRI’s UWZ 9.5-18 mm T2.9 Ultra Wide Zoom. But first some thoughts on where it might be used, and on what kind of scenes: underwater, aerials, POVs from trains, planes, automobiles. The 8R is a wonderful lens, but sometimes we have the irresistible urge to zoom in slightly or change focal length during the shot–especially when the… read more…

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ARRI Amira $39.9K

As expected, ARRI announced the price of Amira cameras today. The camera with viewfinder base price is $39,999.00. A large and varied list of accessories and options allow the camera to be customized. The Amira, in case anyone missed the demos at IBC and elsewhere, is a documentary-style, shoulder-resting, 35mm HD and 2K camera. The ergonomics are superb, remind me… read more…

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ARRI/ZEISS Master Anamorphics

  Camtec in Burbank received one of the first “starter sets” of ARRI/ZEISS Master Anamorphic Prime lenses: 35, 50, and 75 mm T1.9. Kavon and Jay Elhami kindly let me test them on an Alexa and on a Gecko lens projector. These 2x squeeze anamorphics are incredibly free of geometric distortion. In other words, if you’re doing a Day, Exterior, Wide… read more…

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Alexa Update Sup 9.0

Cyber-Monday includes the new ARRI Alexa 9.0 Software Update Packet (SUP) for XT/XR and Classic cameras. SUP 9.0 includes ARRI Open Gate sensor mode.
In Open Gate sensor mode, the active pixel area is 28.17 x 18.13 mm, 3414 x 2198 photo sites, an image circle of 33.5 mm, and an aspect ratio of 1.55:1. This larger area can be helpful for repo, resizing, digital stabilization, rotating, or native 3.4K VFX. read more…

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It reminds me of the ARRI 16SR — the camera that launched a thousand careers, including mine. The 16SR was designed by Erich Kaestner as a documentary and news 16mm film camera so lightweight and portable that it could fit into an attaché case (that came with the camera–optional extra in those pre-Petrol-Kata-Tenba-Lowepro days) and fit under an airline seat… read more…

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ARRI Alexa Internal Filter Module

ARRI Alexa XT cameras will be delivered with the Internal Filter Module (IFM) filter holder installed —  except the Alexa Studio which has its own motorized ND filter system and cannot use of the Internal Filter Module. The filters that go into the IFM are called FSNDs. They are not included with the Alexa XT cameras, and have to be purchased separately…. read more…

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ARRI Alexa XR and XT

Alexa XR Module Upgrade ARRI has announced today that existing Alexa cameras can soon be upgraded with internal ARRIRAW. ARRI and Codex worked together to develop a new XR Module (Xtended Recording) side cover for ARRIRAW uncompressed recording right where your SxS PRO card previously went. Any of the five current Alexas can be upgraded: Alexa, Alexa Plus, Alexa Plus… read more…

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