About Jon Fauer

Jon Fauer is the Publisher and Editor of Film and Digital Times. He has been shooting films since he was 8 years old. He attended Collegiate School in New York and graduated with degrees in Art and Film from Dartmouth College. His mentors were director Joseph Losey, Director of Photography Andrew Laszlo, ASC, film historian/distributor Arthur Mayer, writer/director Maurice Rapf, French Department Chair John Rassias and Dartmouth Film Chief Blair Watson. With a grant from public television, he collaborated with Losey on an hour television documentary called Losey on Film.

His first “big break” was Wildwater, commissioned by Dartmouth Admissions Officer and Coach Jay Evans for the U.S. Kayak Team, featuring the World Whitewater Championships in Merano, Italy. The film led to documentaries around the world: skiing, kayaking, and action adventure specials for ABC, PBS, American Sportsman, and National Geographic in the jungles of Guatemala, the mountains of New Zealand, and the Altiplano of Bolivia; from the North Pole to the Chesapeake, and eventually to membership in The Explorers Club of New York.

Jon Fauer became a camera operator when Andy Laszlo, ASC asked him if he could ski backwards with a camera. He could. However, the film was mainly about bob-sledding and love, which qualified him as a busy camera operator on many features for the next five years. When Jon changed his card to Cinematographer, he shot commercials, features, and television films.

Fauer has directed or shot fashion and beauty commercials for Neutrogena, Rhinocort, Ralph Lauren, Christian LaCroix, Ponds, DKNY, and high-end technology spots for Pontiac, Buick, US Coast Guard, Snickers, Canon Cameras, and Sears, winning numerous awards, including Best Director and Best Cinematography.

He has won many awards for his work, including Best Cinematography and Directing at the NY Festivals, Gold Camera Award for Best Cinematography at the US International Film Festival, CINE Gold Eagles, CINDY Golds, Tellies, BOLI’s, Chris’s, and Worldmedals.

Fauer is the author of twelve best-selling books on cinematography and digital imaging, published by ASC Press, Cine Pro Media, ARRI and Focal Press. Over 120,000 copies of his books are in print.

He teaches Advanced Cinematography at Columbia University Graduate School of the Arts and lectures on filmmaking Dartmouth College, Southampton College, School of Visual Arts, NYU, RIT, Kodak, AFI, Cinegear, CINEC, Camerimage and others.

He is a member of the American Society of Cinematographers, Directors Guild of America, ICG, and The Explorers Club.


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