Sony Cine Camera Reports

This 80-page FDTimes Special Edition began at the beginning of the year when colleagues called in with stories about recent jobs that happened to be filmed with Sony VENICE, BURANO and FX3 cameras.

These are not eulogies or reviews or production paeans. Instead, they are somewhat technical, sometimes nerdy, always artistic discussions about interesting films and series with lots of details about lenses, lighting, LUTs, peppered with long discourses on Director-DP dynamics, crew management, psychology, color science, career beginnings, film schools, first jobs, and all the other tales told on location waiting for the sun to rise, the clouds to part, or the next shot in a glass after wrap. read more…

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TRIBE7 – BLACKWING7 Binary II Lenses

TRIBE7 introduces a limited run of Second Edition BLACKWING7 Binary Prime Lenses. This release builds on the legacy of the original prototypical Binary lenses, introduced five years ago. 10 sets were made in 2019 as test and evaluation optics. The new Second Edition BLACKWING7 Binaries pay complete homage to their prototypical predecessors, while offering filmmakers greater creative control through new modular components such as custom-tuned optics, flare control systems and the SKIN program of alternative coatings for BLACKWING7 front lens elements. read more…

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SmallHD Quantum 32 Monitor

SmallHD launches their Quantum 32 – a 31.5” OLED reference monitor. It is intended for grading suites, post-production and on-set monitoring for discerning eyes: DPs, DITs and Directors. The Quantum 32 displays HDR and SDR images using Quantum Dot OLED technology, with exceptional luminance, color uniformity and a wide viewing angle. read more…


Blackmagic URSA Cine 12K

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts.” The descent into Las Vegas Airport for NAB can be turbulent as adiabatic or katabatic winds from the nearby Valley of Fire shake the aircraft. Blackmagic Design also seems to delight in shaking things up at NAB. This year is delightfully interesting with the introduction of their new flagship Blackmagic URSA Cine 12K… read more…

ARRI ALEXA 35 Live – Multicam System

Marc Shipman-Mueller, ARRI Senior Product Manager, and John Gilbert, ARRI Product Manager Fiber Systems, appear on a video meeting with stop-the-press news.

“ARRI is introducing a completely new camera system called the ALEXA 35 Live – Multicam System, said Marc Shipman-Mueller, ARRI Senior Product Manager. “It is for live production applications such as concerts, musical events, sports, esports, TV shows, fashion shows, scripted content, comedy specials, etc. This is a major commitment by ARRI to the live entertainment sector, bringing together specialist cameras, stabilizers, lighting, and custom solutions. We put a lot of resources into this and we’re planning other products in the future and expanding the system.” read more…

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DJI Focus Pro, RS 4 Pro & RS 4

DJI PRO has three interesting new products to keep scenes steady and in focus: DJI RS 4 Pro, DJI RS 4, and DJI Focus Pro. They are intuitive, work together, setup quickly, and provide advanced focus control.

DJI Focus Pro includes Automated Manual Focus (AMF) control.

DJI RS 4 Pro is the new, top-of-line RS (Ronin Single-handle) gimbal stabilizer that, among other features, supports heavier payloads and has carbon fiber arms.

DJI RS 4 is a more affordable stabilizer for lighter payloads. read more…

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Cooke Gallery London

“The wand chooses the wizard, remember…I think we must expect great things from you.” Stepping into the Cooke Gallery in Fitzrovia, London immediately conjures up Ollivander’s  Wand Shop of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The lens chooses the Cinematographer…no doubt about it. Wizards and filmmakers alike can step into this magical space on Newman Street. Enter into a museum-like gallery with large video displays and photographs. The current exhibition is all about Focus. Pick up a pair of headphones paired with moving images on the wall for examples of deep focus, shallow depth of field, rack focus, and more. read more…


ZEISS Nano Primes

ZEISS launches Nano Primes: Full Frame, fast (T1.5), lightweight and compact cine lenses. They have nice ZEISS notoriously accurate lined focus scales and marks and are amazingly affordable.

Download the free FDTimes 20-page NP PDF Special Report
excerpted from the February 2024 FDTimes edition, going online and on paper shortly.

There are 6 focal lengths in the set: 18mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm.

Nano Primes come in E-mount. What, not PL or LPL? read more…

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RED V-RAPTOR [X] & V-RAPTOR XL [X] Global Shutter

RED DIGITAL CINEMA announced new V-RAPTOR [X] 8K VV and V-RAPTOR XL [X] 8K VV cameras. Both models now have Full Frame VV global shutter sensors.

RED introduced global shutter in October 2020 on the KOMODO which has a Super35 global shutter. With a global shutter, all the photosites of the sensor are exposed simultaneously. A global shutter is good when you’re filming fast movement or explosions, fire, flashes, strobes, stunt sequences and even handheld work. With a rolling shutter, you might get artifacts from flashes, skewing and bending of objects. read more…

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Sony FX3 and Wooden Camera Accessories

Once upon a time, FDTimes wrote, “The Sony FX3 camera’s  cage-free design begs you to mount it anywhere—in all kinds of places where a single mounting point wouldn’t dare to thread. FX3 is free to range almost everywhere because it is small, light and ergonomic. I should have expected that calling it “cage-free” implied you don’t need a cage, and that is like asking a child not to jump in the nearest puddle. Of course there would be a cage and clever accessories—and they are now here from Wooden Camera.

 read more…

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SmallHD Ultra 7 Monitor

The new SmallHD Ultra 7 Monitor has buttons to summon up shortcuts. Weatherproof for bad weather. Rubber bumpers to endure mayhem. Joystick for when sticky craft-service donut-encrusted fingers don’t want to touch the touchscreen.

Ultra 7 has a 1920×1200 Quantum Dot LED Edge-Lit LCD Display that is extremely bright (2300 nits). It has 6G SDI and HDMI 2.0 in and out, up to 4K 60p. It can be powered by Gold or V-Mount batteries, or external power. read more…

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ARRI 360 EVO Stabilized Remote Head

ARRI has launched the 360 EVO, the third iteration of their 3-axis stabilized remote heads. It has 360-degree rotation of the roll axis (and the pan axis), heavier duty construction (payloads up to 30 kg), and more remote control possibilities. It has a new, logical graphical user interface (GUI). Many accessories can be shared with the ARRI TRINITY 2. read more…

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TRINITY Live is an upgrade for ARRI’s original 3-axis vest-mounted camera stabilizer. It includes new hardware, wiring, and connections intended mainly for live, multi-camera and broadcast productions. read more…

Leica Cine 1 Projector

Far-off adventures and family trips were inevitably followed by a slide show at home. It was a ritual. Adman Mad Man Dad would set up his latest Leica Pradovit slide projector, unfurl a large retractable Da-Lite screen, dim the lights and let the show begin. Leitz/Leica Pradovit projectors were familiar fixtures for many years. It was a given that Leitz Elmarit lenses were major contributors to the luminous images sliding in the dark. read more…


Leitz ELSIE 125mm T2.1

Leitz ELSIE lenses cover Full Frame +, from 15mm to 150mm, all T2.1. Designed and produced at Leitz Park in Wetzlar, Germany, ELSIE primes have the familiar Leitz and Leica warmth, resolution, look and smooth skin tones. ELSIE primes come in LPL mount. As with HUGO primes, ELSIE’s LPL 44mm flange depth enabled an advanced design and high performance at a reasonable price. read more…

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Ovide Octo 22″ & Koko 10″ Video Assist

Ovide Smart Assist Octo can record and monitor up to 8 HD camera outputs or 2 4K signals.
It has 24× SDI outputs. Ovide KOKO is a video assist recorder/monitor with a 10″ super bright (1000 nits) and true color HD (1920×1080) HDR DCI-P3 Touchscreen, 12G-SDI in/out, and it can record 4× 1080p60 cameras or 1× 4K in ProRes onto a removable SSD. read more…

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Tilta Nucleus Nano II

Tilta’s new Nucleus Nano II is an ultra compact wireless lens (focus, iris, zoom) control system. It is especially nimble on hybrid still/video mirrorless cameras, gimbals, cars, drones and rigs. The Nucleus Nano II hand wheel has been significantly improved from its predecessor in both ergonomics and display. One compact hand unit lets you control two lens motors. The knob can follow focus and the rocker can adjust iris or zoom. read more…


Tiffen Rear Filters for Signature Primes

Multi camera DPs said they want the ability to change filters quickly. On these pages, the DP may want the ability to bake in a look with filters to which you commit. When the director on a big budget feature asks whether you can have more halation around the highlight, you could insist (in vain), “But sir, this is the look we agreed upon during prep and scouting.” read more…

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Canon CN-R RF Mount Cine Lenses

Canon Inc. introduced their first RF-mount Cinema Prime Lenses. The new lenses combine high optical performance, familiar cinema-style 0.8M gears and ergonomics, and RF mount communication. Canon says, “The first set of seven RF Mount Cinema Prime Lenses is only the beginning. Canon plans to swiftly expand the lineup of RF Mount production equipment to meet the needs of professional content for movies, TV, and commercials.” read more…

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Infinity Photo-Optical TS-160 Micro

“Microscope” is the essence of this lens system. It is a true microscope and not an endoscope, as most ECU probe lenses are.

An endoscope consists of a front lens and the image is relayed through the tube. The TS-160 is a a microscope where the aerial image of the front lens is magnified. As a result, the contrast, resolution and depth of field of the TS-160 are greater.

 read more…

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