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Teslas at IBC

Over the next days, we’ll post photos and comments from IBC. What was the most interesting, innovative product? Certainly the new Tesla 2015 Model S taxi that drove me from  airport to IBC, one of a fleet of 100. They are partially subsidized by the Dutch government (10,000 Euros in tax credit, I heard.) All-Wheel Drive, 0-60 mph in 2.8… read more…

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Rijksmuseum Reopened

If you are visiting Amsterdam for IBC, do not miss the renovated, recently reopened Rijksmuseum. Pierre Cuypers was the architecture of the original building, opened in 1885. It kind of looks like a castle. Renovations began in 2004 and were completed in April 2013 The architects for the renovation were Antonio Cruz and Antonio Ortiz from Seville, Spain. Their design provided… read more…

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FDTimes heading to IBC: Booth 11.F31

Film and Digital Times September IBC Issue 55-56 is printing in LA and Amsterdam, after a record number of “Stop the Presses” calls. I have never seen such a frenzy of up-to-the-minute last-minute new stuff. With apologies to Walter Salles’ The Motorcycle Diaries, beautifully shot by Eric Gautier, AFC for the photo above, taken by Juan Pablo Fabres. Les (playing Che, driving) and Jon (as Dr. Alberto Granado) travelled from Chile to Uruguay to Argentina. Our 96-page double issue is packed with up-to-the-minute information and lots of new products–many embargoed until the opening bell. Lots of new lenses (anamorphic and spherical), camera updates, rigs, mounts, lens metadata, accessories… read more…

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IBC 2012

9/6/12 – 9/11/12
IBC Conference & Exhibition: in Amsterdam

IBC in Amsterdam. September 6-11 (Exhibits Sept 7-11) Register online Conference Program Interesting Keynotes Roger Mosey, BBC’s Director of London 2012, on broadcasting the biggest Olympics sports event of all time — Saturday 8 September. Miles Young, CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide on one of the world’s largest advertising agencies — Thursday 6 September.    


Oli at IBC 2011

This year was IBC’s highest level of attendance. To prepare for IBC, I like to plan in advance: circling “must see” company names on the floor plan. I had trouble with Sony not mentioning specifically where they were in Hall 12 until I arrived and found that Sony occupied the entire Hall. Keynotes, conferences and seminars touched on broadcasting, web casting, social… read more…

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IBC Camera Reports

IBC is like NAB with better food and worse weather. It’s a wrap for the 55,000 geeks, gawkers, grips, and gaffers who spent 5 days in the caverns of Amsterdam’s RAI convention center. Best sandwiches at RAI: salmon on fresh baguette behind Hall 9. Best daily happy hour: Transvideo (Chateau Margaux 1997 Grand Cru Classé, smoked duck, paté). Best afternoon snack:… read more…


Road to IBC: Rijksmuseum Schiphol

If you’re on the way to IBC and arrive at Amsterdam Airport before Spetember 5, visit the Rijksmuseum Schiphol exhibit of nine Dutch Flower Paintings. In Holland’s Golden Age, a painting of a flower was much less expensive than the real thing. Cut flowers were luxuries in the 17th century. Only the wealthy could afford to have them in their homes and… read more…


December Issue now online for Subscribers

Our 96 page December Issue 36-38 of Film and Digital Times is now online. Subscribers: click on the MEMBERS tab, above. The print edition has gone to press. It will be in the mail soon. Our cover says “Converging Worlds.” Although convergence and 3D certainly has everyone’s attention, this is the historic year of convergence and collision between consumer and professional… read more…

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IBC 2010 Slideshow

Our IBC 2010 Slideshow is now up and running: click here to view the 516 pictures by Fauer, Uhlig and Laperal. For thumbnails of all IBC 2010 images, click here. Or navigate directly to our ARTICLES page.


Ikonoskop ACam DII

The guys from Sweden who brought us the Acam 16 mm camera a few years ago are now presenting the Acam DII. The Acam DII is a small and lightweight HD Camcorder that records 1920×1080 RAW CinemaDNG directly on excangeable 160 GB drives. It is available with C-mount, Leica-mount or PL-mount.

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Marvin: Washing Machine for Data

An “automatic washing machine for video data”. That’s how Russell Branch of Marvin Technologies describes Marvin. Basically, Marvin takes a RED CF card, and performs a so called protocol. A protocol in this case, is a list of chores Marvin will perform, like copying data to the built in raid, verifying the copied files, process them to Quicktime, archive them on… read more…

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Cine Deck

Alan Hoff  from Cinedeck calls his product an “extremely capable recorder”. A look at the spec sheet shows, he’s not bragging. The Cinedeck ($ 9995)  is not much larger than a 7″ monitor, records up to 4:4:4 uncompressed (with a $ 2995 option installed), has Ambient timecode ($ 795 option) and records to SSDs or SSD raids. The base version… read more…

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ARRI DSLR Accessories

ARRI has expanded their product line for prosumer HD camcorders and DSLRs.

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IBC 2010

IBC in Amsterdam saw attendance increase to almost 49,000, the second highest level in its entire history.  Healthy numbers:  8.7% increase from last year, 1300+ exhibits, 300 speakers in 60+ conference sessions, 100,000+ sq. meters, 150+ training sessions.  Two new additional halls were added:  Hall 12 and 13. These are good indications that the recession is hopefully over as clearly… read more…


P+S Technik 16Digital SR Mag

Last year, P+S Technik showed a prototype of a digital magazine for Arri 16SR cameras. This year they are almost ready to deliver. The mag has a 2/3″ Thomson sensor and records full 1920×1080 resolution in a visually lossless compressed RAW format on SSD cartridges or HD with a Cineform codec.  Soon, selected customers will be able to buy a… read more…

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FDTimes Issue 35 Coming Soon

Film and Digital Times Issue 35 will go to press simultaneously in Amsterdam, Munich and Hollywood next week. Printed copies will be mailed to subscribers then. Look for us at IBC, from Sept 10-14. Pick up a complimentary copy of FDTimes from our sponsors or our booth #40 in the publications area between Hall 8 and 9-10-11. We’ll also be… read more…

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Model of one of the three new digital cameras from ARRI: choice of electronic or optical finder. Smaller than a 235, lightweight, sits nicely on shoulder, on-board battery and quiet 20 db. I would expect to see on-board storage when we get a closer look around NAB

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Cooke 5/i T1.4 Primes at IBC

Not only is Cooke showing the complete set of the new T2.8 Panchro/i series, but also Cooke has a surprise look at their new 5/i set. There are initially 9 lenses in the Cooke 5/i series: 18, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 75, 100 and 135mm, all T1.4-T22. They all cover Super 35mm format (30mm diameter) and have a front… read more…

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FDTimes to IBC

FDTimes Issue 27 goes to press this week, printing simultaneously in Los Angeles and Amsterdam, and ready for opening day of IBC this Friday. Check here for up-to-the-jetlagged-minute reports and major surprise announcements from IBC.