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I was looking for good LED practicals shaped practically like regular lightbulbs. Something to replace the venerable 75 watt tungsten 211 bulb inside a paper Chinese lantern without the thrill of fire hazard or incineration. And to replace the tungsten and CFL bulbs in the office and at home.

Jim Sanfilippo, President of NILA, makers of Zaila, Varsa, Boxer and SL, knows a thing or two about LED lighting and recommended Cree, Inc. He’s right. They look and act like their ancestors. Their light is good for film, video, and photography.

The Cree 13.5 watt TW Series Soft White LED Bulb provides the equivalent of a 60 watt tungsten bulb: 800 lumens, 2700 Kelvin, with a remarkable 93 CRI (Color Rendering Index.) Unlike some other household LEDs, The Cree TW bulb looks and is shaped like a traditional A-Type bulb. It strikes instantly, dims, and is rated for 25,000 hours–which is a lot more than our union minimum health eligibility hours.

At the moment, the TW Series of 93 CRI bulbs also comes in 40 watts 2700 K.


Their regular series A-Type 80 CRI bulbs come in 40 watts (2700 K), 60 watts (2700 or 5000 K) and 75 watt (2700 and 5000 K). There are also 65 watt (2700 K and 5000 K) Reflector photoflood style bulbs — and more products to come.

Home Depot sells Cree bulbs in  stores and online.

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