Kino Flo Practicals

The most useful, simple and earth-changing product we saw at Cinec and IBC was the new Kino Flo compact fluorescent (daylight and tungsten) bulb.

This is something cinematographers have been dreaming of for a long time: to screw a color-correct Edison-based fluorescent bulb into practical lamps and lighting fixtures that perfectly match larger on-set Kino Flo units. Up to now, there have been limited choices for high-end practicals. Frieder Hochheim, Kino Flo President, told me that development of the bulbs, with their 3200 and 5600 formulations, were accelerated by the European Union’s banning of filament bulbs. (Try buying a traditional bulb at a European IKEA–you can’t find any.) The new Kino Flo practicals deliver the equivalent of 100 watts, while drawing only 27 watts of power. They don’t dim–but you can reduce the intensity easily with a can of black Streak ‘n Tips.

At around $14 per bulb, you can be sure that I will be changing every bulb in every lamp I have at home. On set or on location, they will be helpful because their reduced heat will be a welcome change for talent and set designers.

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