Nila SL Space Light

Space Lights are an efficient way to light large studio sets with relatively even “sky light” from above. They hang like giant lanterns from the studio grid. Spaced roughly every 10 feet apart, they are helpful for lighting floor space in front of white cycs and blue or green screen setups.

A traditional tungsten Space Light consists of six 1000 watt tungsten bulbs inside a silk-like skirt. Typically, they get very hot. Nila Light president Jim Sanfilippo (left, at NAB) estimates that a studio will spend about $500 in air conditioning costs just to cool the place down for each Space Light used.

Enter the Nila SL. Its LEDs draw only 850 watts. This lightens the load, runs 80% cooler, and simplifies cabling. Available in Tungsten or Daylight. Onboard dimmer or DMX controlled. A powerfully cool idea.

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