December Issue now online for Subscribers

Our 96 page December Issue 36-38 of Film and Digital Times is now online. Subscribers: click on the MEMBERS tab, above. The print edition has gone to press. It will be in the mail soon.

Our cover says “Converging Worlds.” Although convergence and 3D certainly has everyone’s attention, this is the historic year of convergence and collision between consumer and professional equipment. New cameras for high-end production were previously introduced at a leisurely pace of one or two a decade. Now, an annual outing to NAB or IBC is no longer sufficient; equipment is introduced at a startling rate with each season, and our pages swell.

This December 2010 issue is a window on where we are in the technique and technology of motion picture production. Inside this issue:

Earthrise, Martin Hartweg: Cinec Top Chef, Sensor Sensibility, Tour of Alexa,  Interview with Franz Kraus,  Sony SRW-9000PL, PMW-F3, Aaton Penelope Delta, P+S Technik, Weisscam, NXCAM 35, Ikonoscope, Phantom Flex, Sony NEX-VG10, Sony NEX-5, Fujifilm Hybrid Viewfinder, FGV Schmidle PL, Canon Expo 2010, NHK 8K, AF100, Epic, JVC GY-HM790, Fujifilm Eterna Vivid 250D, How Film is Made, Marvin, Cinedeck, Codex, AJA Ki Pro Mini, Nexto DI, 3D 3D Rigs, Angénieux Optimo Zooms, Image Stabilization by Larry Thorpe, Fujinon Premier 4K+ PL Zooms, ARRI/Fujinon Alura PL Zooms, ARRI/ZEISS Master Macro 100, ARRI/ZEISS Master Prime, Ultra Prime Lenses, ZEISS CP.2 Lenses, Lightweight Zoom LWZ.2, Canon EF Still Lenses, Cooke 5/i, S4/i, Panchro/i, Leica Summilux-C Prime Lenses, Chrosziel and IB/E, Ruby 14-24, Vantage Hawk Anamorphics, ARRI Lighting, Gekko and PRG, Litepanels, Ianiro, MoleLED, Lowel Trio, Nila SL, Briese, Dedolight PanAura, Kino Flo Spiral, Imara, Tegra, Lighttools Soft Egg Crates, Airstar Cutter Cloud, Moviecam EasyFocus, Transvideo Wireless, Transvideo HDMI, OConnor OCcessories, O-Box, iDC System One, Petrol, Kinomatik, Schultz Spray Deflectors, Lentequip LE-UB Universal Battery, Cable Reels, Preston Cinema Systems, cmotion, Chrosziel, K-Tek, Screen Plane, Hot Rod, Genus, Kata Bags, Manfrotto, Denz Flange Depth Controller, Cineparts Eye, Donu, Steadicam from Tiffen, Steadicam Smoothee, Easyrig, OConnor 2065, Sachtler artemis, Ronford-Bake, Cartoni Lambda Twin 3D, Maxima, Airfloater, Solid Grip Systems Camera Cart, Vario and Campilots Aerials, Andy’s Skycam.

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