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Camerimage Docs: Essay by Axelle Coquelet

Bydgoszcz, Poland. Axelle Coquellet writes: Camerimage is the marvelous international festival dedicated to the art of cinematography. It is all about cinematographers, and even more so when you look at the documentary program where most of them are also directors. I think it is one of the main interests of documentaries: how these directors see the world and how they manage to communicate it through the cinema screen. read more…

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Aaton Cantar-X3

Aaton’s eagerly anticipated new Cantar-X3 audio recorder premiered in prototype at the AFC Micro Salon in Paris. This successor to the Cantar-X2 has a new GUI and display designed by Transvideo. It promises more inputs and tracks, has a water resistant and dust proof housing, and color-coded controls. Pre-orders begin after NAB2014 for delivery later this year. (Aaton is now Aaton… read more…

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The Cat is Back

Film and Digital Times is pleased to announce that Aaton is alive and well and living in  Grenoble. Jacques Delacoux, President of Transvideo, said, “Aaton and Transvideo will follow the same path — as sister companies. We have lots of exciting products that we are working on together.” I tried to reach Jean-Pierre Beauviala, Founder of Aaton, but he is probably… read more…

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Aaton Penelope Delta Delivered

The cat in the hat (J.P. Beauviala), the cat that sits on the shoulder (Aaton Penelope Delta), and the proprietors of PhotoCineRent in Paris (Albrecht Gerlach and Tatiana Pereira) at SATIS in Paris yesterday. PhotoCineRent took delivery of their first Penelope Delta, with an additional one arriving soon — ready for rental. Penelope Delta, in case anyone missed the news… read more…

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December Issue now online for Subscribers

Our 96 page December Issue 36-38 of Film and Digital Times is now online. Subscribers: click on the MEMBERS tab, above. The print edition has gone to press. It will be in the mail soon. Our cover says “Converging Worlds.” Although convergence and 3D certainly has everyone’s attention, this is the historic year of convergence and collision between consumer and professional… read more…

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FDTimes New Issue 32+33 Now Online

Film and Digital Times Mid-Year Cine Gear 2010 Edition (issue 32+33) is now online for subscribers. We will be all over Cine Gear. Visit us at Booth # 126 for a complimentary paper copy. See you there: June 4-5.www.cinegearexpo.com

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Aaton 4K Penelope-Delta

Eagerly awaited almost as long as Penelope herself, Aaton showed a working prototype of the Penelope-Delta Digital 4K “Magazine” at NAB. Expect working models at IBC 2010, and delivery probably this time next year. The large nautilus-looking sculpture where the film take-up inching knob used to be is a large silent fan—needed, as on most things digital, to cool the… read more…

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AFC Micro Salon 2010

Highlights of AFC Micro Salon 2010. Full report coming soon. Click here for full-screen slideshow.

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FDTimes December 2009 Issue 29 Now Online

The December 2009 Issue of Film and Digital Times has gone to press in LA and should be in the mail soon. Our online edition is now ready to download (PDF files) for all Subscribers and Members. We end the year in low light, with articles on: Forgetting Three-Point Lighting; Lighting with Paint at one footcandle; ISO 12,800 to 102,400; Game-Changing Hybrid Cameras;… read more…

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2 2-Perf Aaton Penelopes on First US Feature

The first 2-Perf Aaton Penelope production in the United States recently wrapped. Two cameras, supplied by Abel Cine Tech were used on this 90% handheld and Steadicam job. Here’s a reprint of the article from the IBC issue of FDTimes.

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Midsummer Online Report

In previous years, it was possible to digest the relevant news from NAB into a few pages. This year was different. Products were announced, then subsequently modified, added or subtracted. We’ve spent the intervening time writing and re-writing. Here is our first report, as a digital digest, with an in-depth look at the companies beginning with A: Aaton, Angenieux, Abel… read more…

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Tour de Aaton

It is fitting that while touring Aaton, the Tour de France was underway. 2 Rue de la Paix in Grenoble has long been on my list of places to visit. In the center of Grenoble, a university town at the foot of the French Alps, Aaton cameras have been built here for the past thirty years, along with Cantar, Indaw,… read more…

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Blixt Camera Rental

We recently visited Björn Blixt and Blixt Camera Rental in Copenhagen, Denmark. Björn is a fellow cinematographer with a wicked wit, cunning at punning and an enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit. Rune Ericson, the legendary Swedish cameraman and “father of Super 16,” often joked about how most of the world thought he lived at the North Pole. Blixt Camera Rentals may not… read more…

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Five Top Models at Cannes

Our Paparazzi caught these five top models at Cannes, left to right: Linda (Super Model from Angénieux), Penelope (Aaton‘s newest, silent, 35mm model), Optimo (Angenieux’s 15-40 mm lightweight zoom), Rainbow II (Transvideo‘s 6.5″ SuperBright Monitor), and of course, the legendary JP (Jean-Pierre Beauviala, Aaton’s founder and president.

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Angénieux and Aaton at Cannes

Angénieux and Aaton were seen at the Cannes Film Festival (May 19-20), demonstrating Angénieux  15-40 and 28-76 Optimo lightweight zooms on Aaton’s new Penelope 35mm camera. Aaton was well represented in the official selection at Cannes 2009: Ang Lee “Taking Woodstock”             Camera Aaton 35 (Eric Gautier) -Cantar (Drew Kunin) Alain Resnais “Les Herbes Folles”     Camera Aaton 35 (Eric Gautier)- Cantar… read more…

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