Dedo Weigert Lighting Seminar at Abel


Dedo Weigert captivated a standing-room only crowd of filmmakers at Abel Cine Tech with an illuminating lecture and demo of his vast line of dedolight lighting equipment. The two-day seminar (Thursday and Friday, Nov 5 and 6) confirmed a long-standing mantra, and Dedo said it himself: “no matter how long you’ve been lighting, you can always learn more.”

I think Dedo was smiling at me when he talked about “New York and Hollywood filmmakers with their 40 foot trucks of available light — every available light, that is.” I’ve been a fan of his lights since he introduced them in 1984 (same year as the first Mac), but mostly had used them for product shots and effects. Learning from the inventor himself was another dimension. In a series of “here’s the scenario, here’s how dedolights can help” explanations, he demonstrated many setups: how to light a painting evenly with a light hung at a 45 degree angle from the ceiling (graduated ND filter/optical scrim for the light or assymetrical aspherical lens for a DLAD light), how to cut it precisely (his articulating barndoors), how to soften the edge of an eyelight, or how to evenly light a very wide wall in a very narrow room (use one of his wide-angle lens attachments). Dedo began building lights to address situations in his own day-to-day work as a cameraman, and like Ross Lowel, developed a large global company with incredibly innovative tools.

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