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Jean-Marc Bouchut joins Band Pro

Jean-Marc Bouchut has joined Band Pro as Senior Product Manager – Angenieux. Widely known and respected in the industry, Jean-Marc worked at Angenieux for 30 years in R&D, service and sales. Jean-Marc Bouchut’s new position at Band Pro will involve coordinating technical matters of Angenieux EZ Zooms and Optimo Primes. He will support the sales and marketing teams  at Band Pro as well as customers and clients in the Americas. read more…

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Band Pro Sony FX9 Workshop

Band Pro Sony FX9 Workshop: Thursday 2/27/2020 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Thursday 2/27 from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM: Band Pro’s Burbank HQ hosts a free Sony FX9 Workshop.  Band Pro’s In-House technical staff and Sony’s Shahpour Nosrati will demo the key details of Sony’s latest full frame 4K camera and answer questions in an interactive, hands-on environment. As always this event is free to attend. Snacks and beverages will be… read more…

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Sony FX9 Workshop at Band Pro Burbank

Sony FX9 Workshop at Band Pro: Tuesday 11/5 from 1-4pm at Band Pro Burbank

Free Sony FX9 Camera Workshop at Band Pro Burbank HQ. The FX9 is Sony’s latest Full Frame digital cine camera. 6K Full Frame sensor with dual 800 / 4000 ISO, electronic variable ND filter, 16 bit RAW capture– in a compact and affordable camera body. A detailed presentation on the FX9 will be provided, followed by a Q&A and plenty of hands-on time.  Snacks and beverages will be served. Space is limited.  RSVP to reserve your spot. read more…

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Canon C700 FF Full Frame Workshop

Band Pro Burbank - Canon C700 FF Full Frame Workshop: Free Full Frame hands-on presentation at Band Pro Burbank 1-4pm

Thursday 7/12 from 1-4pm free Canon C700 FF Workshop at Band Pro’s Burbank Headquarters. Canon’s Cinema EOS reps Alex Sax and Peter Marr will be there to present a technical overview of the C700 FF followed by an open Q&A session. Canon will also be bringing the full Cinema EOS camera and lens families for live demos and hands-on time. Snacks… read more…

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IB/E Optics+BandPro Large Format Raptors

There are now 6 members of the Raptor Large Format prime lens family. The new prototype Raptors shown at Band Pro Open House were 40, 60 and 80 mm. They join the 100, 150 and 180 mm Macros.    

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Angenieux EZ Zooms at Band Pro

Angenieux Type EZ-1 Zoom: First Look at Band Pro this Thursday

Band Pro Burbank will offer an exclusive first look at the  new Angenieux Type EZ-1 Zoom on Thursday October 20.  There will be time for hands-on and testing. Band Pro’s Senior Technical Staff, Jeff Cree, SOC and cinematographer Randy Wedick, will be there to answer questions. Randy was the DP of the Angenieux EZ Demo Film.  First Look: Angenieux Type EZ-1 Zoom Thursday 10/20/2016… read more…

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Angénieux Type EZ Zooms: FF and S35

Here are two new, convertible, compact zooms from Thales Angénieux. They cover both Super35 and Full Frame/VistaVision. This is a new paradigm for Angénieux: an affordable zoom lens filling the gap between the DSLR and Cinema lenses for the growing corporate, documentary and owner-operator markets. At IBC, Angénieux debuts two models. Type EZ-1 is a standard 3x zoom. Type EZ-2 is a wide-angle 2.7x zoom. Both lenses have exchangeable rear lens groups and hence the ability to be swapped between Super35mm format and Full Frame/VistaVision. read more…

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Ian Casas, Band Pro’s Key Grip

Ian S. Casas has joined Band Pro Film & Digital in Burbank as Product Manager in charge of sales and support for the Cinetech Italiana Dolly line and related grip products. Ian is an accomplished Hollywood Dolly Grip and Key Grip with numerous credits, including Anchor Man, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and National Treasure. Cinetech Italiana Dollies are beautifully made in the company’s factory near Cinecitta,… read more…

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Dolly Specialist Position at Band Pro

Band Pro Film and Digital, Inc. in Burbank is interested in hiring a Product Specialist for Cinetech Dollies. This position  would be involve developing relationships with new and existing customers, establishing accounts in the Americas, promoting and selling  Cinetech Dollies, as well as providing technical support and service as needed. The Cinetech Dolly Product Specialist would be a vital member of the Band Pro sales team. A  substantial salary, sales incentives and a comprehensive benefits package are… read more…

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IB/E Optics Macro Full Frame – Updated

The Full Frame (24×36) Cine format race is heating up and focusing closer. A new line of FF Macro Cine Lenses were introduced at the Band Pro Open House on December 10 in Burbank by IB/E President Klaus Eckerl and Band Pro President Amnon Band. The first focal lengths in the new IB/E Macro FF lens family are 100mm T2.9, 150mm T2.9, and 180mm T2.9. They all cover Full Frame (24×36 mm / 44 mm diagonal). Close focus is 1:1 magnification.

 read more…

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Filming in Israel and Band Pro Open House

The Israeli film market is seeing changes in production. Even some of the more prominent movies are being shot with basic DSLRs or even iPhones. There’s a shift in what filmmakers essentially need and use to make their films. To address this, the 4th Band Pro Film and Digital Open House in Israel took place on July 30th with hands-on product demos and in-depth technical seminars. read more…

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Fast: 40mm T0.95 E-mount

Band Pro showed the new 40 mm T0.9 lens from IB-E Optics at NAB.  Klaus Eckerl, Managing Director of IB-E Optics said, “Think of it as a Noctilux style lens for APS-C and Super 35 format.” This is the “video version” of the lens: with geared focus and iris rings. It’s a great companion on Sony’s FS-7 camera with its native E-mount. read more…

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Band Pro Filmmakers Forum

4/14/15 – 4/15/15
Band Pro Filmmakers Forum at NAB: Lectures at NAB 2015

Band Pro Film & Digital will present lectures and screenings in their NAB Booth C10408 by James Neihouse, Daryn Okada, ASC, Dan Kneece, Bill Baggelaar, Randy Wedick, Philippe Ros, Bob Cranston on April 13-15. read more…

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Band Pro Open House 2012

Band Pro Open House 2012 Slideshow read more…


Band Pro Open House 2012

Band Pro Open House 2012: Stages showcase latest technology: caemras, data management, on-set, near-set, and post. Hands-on time encouraged.

This year Band Pro’s One World Open House Expo tent becomes an interactive camera, recording, and workflow cirque du burbank. Everything will be displayed and demoed as it’s actually used on set. The themed stages will showcase the latest technology in action, from shooting to data management, on-set, near-set, and post. Hands-on time is encouraged. read more…


Summilux-C in Singapore

Rainer Hercher, Director of Band Pro Munich, delivered the first set of the Summilux-C lenses to Asia. Now, I tremble at the writing “the first,” because it usually triggers a fusillade of rebuttals and reminders to stick with the venerable “National Geographic Style”–no firsts, bests, superlatives or adjectives. Nevertheless, this Singapore sighting is significant. Leica Summilux-C production seems to be… read more…

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Band Pro East F65 and Cinema EOS

Band Pro East hosts a seminar with hands-on and test-drive time along with Q&A in their new NYC Midtown office.  Conducted by John Fishburn and Randy Wedick. Mon 6/25: 10 am – 5 pm: Sony F65 with Q&A Tues 6/26 10 am – 5 pm: Canon Cinema EOS Cameras and Lenses with Q&A Location: Band Pro East, 1115 Broadway (at 24th… read more…


Hercher to Band Pro – Baier to Leica

On Feb 1, 2012, Rainer Hercher was named Managing Director of Band Pro Munich. On Feb 3, we learned that Gerhard Baier was named Managing Director of CW Sonderoptic (Leica Summilux-C Cine Lenses). Rainer Hercher was previously Business Development Manager at Band Pro Munich GmbH, a subsidiary of Band Pro Film & Digital, Inc., headquartered in Burbank, California. Before Band… read more…

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Band Pro’s First 25 F65 Cameras

Why is this man smiling? Sony F65 cameras have landed. Amnon Band (above) had his first twenty-five Sony F65 cameras delivered to Band Pro headquarters in Burbank. Fedex unloaded pallets of them. “They are all committed,” Amnon said. “Every one of them is already scheduled to go out on a production–mostly features.” Clairmont Camera received their first 3 F65 cameras of… read more…

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Band Pro Open House

Additional images and information on the Band Pro Open House and party on December 15th in Burbank.