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November 2018: Issue 91

Issue Details

November 2018

Hi-rez 64-page printable PDF 21 MB download for subscribers.

Free, limited time preview, 64-page download, lower rez, 11 MB PDF.

(Best with Adobe Acrobat Reader, 2-page view, show cover page.)

  • Canon EOS R Mirroless Full Frame System
  • Philippe Rousselot, ASC, AFC on Alexa 65 & Thalias
  • Daniel Patterson on Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It
  • New Leitz Cine Leica Format Primes and Zooms
  • Blackmagic RAW: Eats, Shoots & Leaves
  • ARRI Stellar App
  • AbelCine’s CameoGrip
  • Teradek DSMC2 Bolt & ACI for RED DSMC2
  • Tilta Camera Cages
  • LOUDER! Can’t Hear What You’re Singin’, Wimp!
  • ARRI Alexa 65 and Alexa LF

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September 2018: Issue 89-90

Issue Details

IBC 2018-Cinec-Worldwide Edition

FDTimes September 2018 issue 89-90 now online and in the mail. Hi-rez for subscribers and a limited time lower rez free preview for all to see for free. The print edition will be distributed free at IBC Amsterdam and Cinec Munich. Visit FDTimes at IBC booth 12.F30. And at Cinec booth 3-A17.

Hi-rez 96 page printable PDF 30 MB download for subscribers. Free, limited time 96 page download, lower rez, 15 MB PDF.

  • Leitz Cine Wetzlar factory tour
  • Interview with Grant Petty, CEO of Blackmagic Design
  • New Cooke Full Frame 1.8x Anamorphic/i
  • ARRI Operator Control Unit
  • Lunch with Ed Lachman, ASC & Todd Haynes
  • RED Report with Jarred Land and Brent Carter
  • ARRI Alexa LF Updates
  • Sony VENICE Updates
  • New Sigma FF Fast Primes
  • AJA FS-HDR for DPs and DITs
  • New mirrorless cameras from Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm
  • and lots more…see Table of Contents

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June 2018: Issue 88

Issue Details

Cine Gear 2018

FDTimes June 2018 issue 88 is ready to download now: hi-rez for subscribers and a limited time lower rez copy for all to see for free. The print edition will be distributed free at Cine Gear. Visit FDTimes at our booth 207 in the New York Streets backlot at Paramount.  Hi-rez 80 page printable PDF 21 MB download for subscribers. Free, limited time 80 page download, lower rez, 11 MB PDF.

  • In-depth look at ZEISS Supreme Primes with factory tour
  • Interviews with the designers and teams behind the Supremes
  • AJA Video Systems Celebrates 25 Years
  • Pierre Angénieux ExcelLens at Cannes
  • Ed Lachman, ASC & Cecile Zhang ExcelLens
  • Leica at Cannes, Close Focus Thalias
  • ARRI Alexa LF & Signature Primes
  • Technovision FF 1.5x Anamorphics
  • Kramer Morgenthau ASC on Fahrenheit 451
  • Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
  • and lots more

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April 2018: Issue 87

Issue Details

Nab 2018

FDTimes April 2018 issue 87 for NAB 2018 is now online and ready to download for subscribers. Full Format is becoming the new standard for high-end production — with  the latest cameras, lenses and accessories on display at NAB 2018. Film and Digital Times covers the major introductions. Hi-rez 96 page printable PDF 26 MB download for subscribers. Free, limited time 96 page download, lower rez, 13 MB PDF.

  • Full Frame Canon EOS C700
  • Canon CN-E 20mm T1.5 L F Full Frame Prime
  • Panavision DXL2
  • VENICE in Venice on IMAX
  • Leica Thalias on VENICE in Berlin
  • Scorpio FFA Full Frame 2x Anamorphic
  • Anamorphic Desqueeze Math Class 31
  • Anamorphic Desqueezing with DaVinci Resolve
  • ARRI Large Format Camera and Lens Launch
  • ARRI Signature Prime, Leica Thalia, Cooke S7/i Framegrabs
  • Cooke Optics – New Panchro/i Classics and S7/i
  • Graeme Nattress, RED Problem Solver 45-47
  • Teradek Bolt and RT Updates
  • and much more. Download now in advance of NAB.

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February 2018: Issue 86

Issue Details

February 2018

Free 96 page download, lower rez, 18 MB PDF.
Hi-rez 96 page printable PDF 32 MB download for subscribers.

Best viewed with Adobe Acrobat set to: Show Cover Page, 2-page spreads.

  • ARRI Large Format Camera System
  • Full Frame Review
  • Sony VENICE
  • Panavision DXL
  • Hawk Trilogy
  • PhotoCineView
  • Loumasystems
  • Leica M0.8 Lenses
  • DaVinci Resolve for DPs
  • 703 Bolt Wireless Monitor
  • Panasonic EVA1 PL Mount
  • Massis, Monstro, Mont Blanc
  • Mattias Boucard
  • Stephan Massis, AFC
  • Guillaume Deffontaines, AFC
  • Light Ranger 2: The Gods of Focus 2

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December 2017: Issue 85

Issue Details

Latest Edition

Holiday Reading — Year-End Dec 2017 – Issue 85.
Paper Edition shipping week of Dec 26.
Ho, ho, ho. Free 64 page download for all.
Hi-rez 64 page printable PDF download for subscribers.

Best viewed with Adobe Acrobat set to: Show Cover Page, 2-page spreads.

  • Sony’s VENICE launch: Full Frame
  • RED WEAPON with MONSTRO 8K VV Sensor
  • Factory Tours of IB/E Optics, Manfrotto
  • Factory Tours of ARRI Austria, cmotion
  • Stephen Goldblatt ASC BSC, Kei Ikeda
  • Carl Zeiss Startup Upstart
  • Severine Serrano, Angenieux Optimo Ultra 12x
  • Daniela Kesselem, Leica Thalias
  • Walter Trauninger, Vienna
  • Full Frame Anamorphic Scorpiolens 2x
  • Oskar Barnack Award
  • ARRI 100th Anniversaries

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September 2017: Issue 84

Issue Details

Sept 2017

Current Edition — Sept 2017 – Issue 84. 96 page hi-rez printable PDF download for subscribers.

  • Sony’s VENICE – New Full Frame & S35 Camera
  • History of 100 years of ARRI in a Century of Cinema
  • New Angenieux Optimo Ultra 12x Zoom
  • Full Frame and Large Format Lens Review
  • Yves Angelo, AFC, SBC on Leica Thalia and RED 8K VV
  • Flowtech Quick Sticks from Sachtler
  • Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K Update
  • RED Sensor Swap Program and other News
  • Panasonic AU-EVA1 Update
  • Gitzo 100th Anniversary
  • Dr. Winfried Scherle and 33+ Years at ZEISS

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Summer 2017: Issue 83

Issue Details

Latest Edition

Current Edition — Summer 2017 – Issue 83. 80 page hi-rez printable PDF download for subscribers. Limited time lower rez FREE download for all. Paper edition printing now and shipping week of August 9.

  • Interview with Grant Petty, CEO of Blackmagic Design
  • Interview with Paul Cameron ASC
  • “Pirates of the Caribbean” and Johnny Drone
  • Christopher Doyle HKSC, Angénieux Award and Interview
  • Full Frame Matters of Life and Depth
  • Full Frame Grabs with Leica Thalia, Sigma T1.5 FF, Schneider Xenon, IB/E Optics Raptor, ZEISS CP.3, Cooke S7/i on Leica M10
  • Canon C200, Panasonic EVA1
  • Camalot’s Dyaliscope Anamorphics
  • “The Hypothesis” with Hawk V-Lite ‘74 Anamorphics
  • ARRI Lightweight Mattebox LMB 4×5
  • “Los Desheredados” best short at Cannes
  • Lighting with Paint and Pixels and Astrid Preston
  • NAB and Cine Gear Reviews

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April-June 2017: Issue 81-82

Issue Details

April-June 2017 Edition

Current Edition — April-June 2017 – Double Issue 81-82. 128 page PDF download for subscribers. 16 page free preview.

  • ARRI ALEXA SXT W, Wireless Video
  • New Canon 70-200 Compact Servo Zoom
  • Leica Thalia Large Format: Playing with Light
  • FUJINON Factory Tour, MK 18-55 T2.9 Zoom
  • Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro, 4.6K Guide
  • ZEISS CP.3 Full Frame Primes
  • SIGMA FF High Speed Prime Line
  • RED Digital Cinema Factory Visit
  • Cooke S7/i Full Frame Plus, Factory Tour
  • Cooke 45-450 T4.5 Anamorphic Zoom, Panchro Classics
  • Angénieux Optimo Style 48-130 T3.0
  • ALEXA Mini SUP5 and Studio Accessories
  • Teradek — and lots more.

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February 2017: Issue 80

Issue Details

NAB 2017 Edition

Current Edition — Feb 2017 Issue 80 — PDF ready to download. 96 pages.

  • Full Frame Cine
  • Future Camera & Lens Mounts
  • H. Edakubo & H. Okawara Interview at Canon
  • Dr Michael Kaschke, ZEISS
  • Nicol Verheem, Teradek
  • Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K
  • Leica Portugal Factory Tour
  • Teradek & Creative Solutions Tour
  • AbelCine Industry City
  • Anamorphic: Hawk 1.3x, Underwater, Cooke SF
  • New Aaton Digital Cantar Mini
  • The Gods of Focus Speak
  • Technovision, Mamiya Mediums, Baltars

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November 2016: Issue 79

Issue Details

Nov 2016

PDF ready to download. 64 pages. Print editions are in the mail.

  • Large Format
  • ARRI ALEXA at Age 2
  • Joerg Pohlman, ARRI Managing Director
  • Tour of ARRI Factory, ARRI Rental, ARRI@Bavaria
  • New Sony FS7 II and 18-110 zoom
  • Machines of Cinema Exhibition at Cinémathèque
  • New Angénieux Factory Tour
  • RED 8K Super35 and VV Cameras
  • Canon Cinema EOS C700 Update
  • Panavision DXL 8K Camera
  • AJA ROI and Rembrandt
  • Fujifilm Mirrorless Medium Format
  • Blackmagic Design News
  • Carl Zeiss 200th Birthday

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Sept 2016: Issue 77-78

Issue Details

Sept – Latest Edition

Online and on paper. 96 pages Double Issue.

  • Angenieux Type EZ Full Frame & S35 Zooms
  • Leica M 0.8 Primes and many more
  • Canon, Panasonic
  • New Lenses, Lights, AKS
  • ZEISS LWZ.3, Fujinon 20-120
  • Hawk V-Lite 1.3x Vintage ’74
  • DaVinci for DPs
  • Tour of the Sigma Lens Factory
  • Lots more

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August 2016: Issue 76

Issue Details

Midsummer July-Aug Edition

Now online for subscribers. 96 pages. Paper edition has shipped.

  • IMAX NASA Canon 4K film A Beautiful Planet
  • Tatara Samurai film shot on film
  • Panavision 8K Millenium DXL Camera
  • Cannes, Pierre Angenieux Award
  • Philippe Rousselot, ASC, AFC on The Nice Guys
  • Meeting the Designers and Planners at Sony
  • Interview with Tetsushi Hibi and Yasunori Imaoka of Canon
  • Midyear Gear Report from NAB and Cine Gear

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April 2016: Issue 75

Issue Details

NAB 2016 Edition

Now online and on paper for subscribers. 112 pages.

  • Passage from Film to Digital: Vittorio Storaro and Woody Allen on “Cafe Society”
  • Lens Designers Discuss:
    • Aurelian Dodoc, Leica
    • Dan Sasaki, Panavision
    • Motoyuki Ohtake, Sony
  • New lenses from Angenieux, ARRI/ZEISS, Canon, Cooke, Fujinon, Leica, Raptor, Scorpio, Sony, ZEISS
  • OConnor Factory Tour in Costa Rica
  • Sony Factory Tour in Thailand
  • The Rolling Stones Cuba Concert
  • Jarred Land, RED
  • Sphere, Cube, Color
  • Camera Updates
  • Lots of lenses, lighting, accessories

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February 2016: Issue 74

Issue Details

Feb 2016

Online and in print for subscribers.
96 pages – download 15 MB PDF

  • Japan Production Report
  • Panasonic Lens Tour
  • Kyoto Studios and Film History
  • Canon Expo 2015
  • Still Digital Times: ZEISS Milvus, Leica SL
  • Alexa 65 Productions and lots more

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November 2015: Issue 73

Issue Details

10th Anniversary Edition

The first issue of Film and Digital Times was a 16 page newsletter. Ten years later, Film in the title has mostly evolved from origination to procedure. It’s still filmmaking and it’s still a film even if it’s being shot with digital cameras. What follows is a somewhat opinionated, regrettably not all-inclusive, whirlwind ride that tries to summarize the past 10 years in a few pages. It’s a historical timeline of technique, technology, art, and practical production—with a diverse cast of characters and a cavalcade of companies. It’s a fun reunion. read more…

September 2015: Issue 71-72

Issue Details

Issue 71-72

  • Double Issue – IBC Special
  • Lighting with Paint on a Starry Night
  • Van Gogh’s Gaffer
  • Starry Nights, No Light, Moonlight, Low Light.
  • New no-low/low-light cameras.
  • Canon ME20F-SH (C-Impossible)
  • Aaton-Digital Cantar X3
  • Alexa Mini Transvideo Monitor
  • Leica Q (Typ 116) Code Name Hemingway
  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras on Mythbusters
  • Tour of the ARRI Lighting Factory
  • Interview Winfried Scherle, ZEISS Exec VP
  • Tour of ZEISS Factory & Museum
  • Interview with Jarred Land, President of RED
  • Sony a7RII.
  • DaVinci for DPs: Desqueezing Anamorphic
  • Cooke 65 mm Macro Anamorphic
  • VariCam 35 Anamorphic on “Monolith”
  • Garcia’s Guide to Surviving Episodic Focus
  • Tiffen Burbank Technical Center
  • Tour of Tiffen Steadicam Factory
  • Codex V-RAW, Codex VR, Codex Production Suite

Subscribers: Download 120 page PDF (21 MB)
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June 2015: Issue 70

Issue Details

June 2015

Mid Year Cine Gear Big Edition Online, On Paper and at our Cine Gear Expo 2015 Booth 53A.  Cover: Johan Hellsten and his new Vario 5 Easrig.

  • Bigger Sensors, FF 24×36, Next Lens Mounts
  • Masaya Maeda, Managing Director of Canon
  • RED Full Frame (20×40 mm) 8K
  • Cine Lenses that Fill Full Frame
  • Hawk65 from Vantage Film
  • New Cooke Anamorphic at Cine Gear
  • Blackmagic URSA Mini, Steadicam M-1
  • Dan May, President of Blackmagic Design
  • Tour of ARRI Alexa Mini Factory
  • Matt Danilowicz, CEO Vitec Videocom
  • Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC gets Award at Cannes
  • Claudio Miranda, ASC (Tomorrowland)Rob Hardy, BSC (Ex Machina), Gavin Finney, BSC (Wolf Hall)

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April 2015: Issue 68-69

Issue Details

April 2015

This is a double issue, online and on paper

  • Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of an 18mm)
  • DaVinci for DPs
  • George Richmond on Kingsman
  • Darius Wolski, ASC on Exodus
  • Ben Smithard, BSC on 2nd Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
  • New lenses, lights, cameras, cranes, NAB gear

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Spring 2015: Special Edition

Issue Details

Leica Spring 2015 Special Edition

A limited number of printed copies available. Pay for shipping and handling only. Click “Order Print Edition.”

Newly updated Spring 2015 Edition. This is the free online PDF version of the printed copies handed out at NAB and available in the LA Leica Gallery. (previous edition was Photokina 2014). 126 pages. read more…

February 2015: Issue 66-67

Issue Details

Feb 2015

February 2015 Issue 66-67.

  • Anthony Dod Mantle’s Customized Gear
  • Panasonic VariCam 35 Factory Tour
  • Kunihiko Miyagi and Takahiro Mitsui on VariCam 35
  • Factory Tour of AJA, Jon Thorn and Nick Rashby on CION
  • Hiroshi Kiriyama on Sony Cameras
  • Sony Doc Dock and F55/F5 v5.0 Updates
  • Fujifilm Fujinon Factory Tour
  • Canon 50-1000 T5.0 – 8.9 Zoom Lens
  • InterBEE, IBC, Photokina, Cinec
  • Leica at Photokina
  • and lots more

PDF Downloads best viewed in Adobe Acrobat 2-page view, show cover page.

Subscribers: click DOWNLOAD (36 MB)
Low Resolution version: click LO-REZ (17 MB) read more…

November 2014: Issue 65C

Issue Details

Camerimage Edition

This free PDF download is a compilation of articles from our IBC and Cinec Editions. Free paper copies at Camerimage only.

ARRI Factory Tour: Alexa 65 Camera and Lens System. Codex Vault Lab 65. Also: Amira, Alexa, Accessories, ARRI/ZEISS Master Anamorphics, and more. read more…

Sept 2014: Issue 65

Issue Details

Alexa 65 Special

65mm Rebooted

ALEXA 65 is a new, large format 65mm digital motion picture camera from ARRI. Imagine an ALEXA (35mm) camera with a sensor that is 3 times larger. It has a familiar ALEXA body style, about the same size and weight, a little bit wider, with a digital 65mm format sensor and new 65mm lenses. Film and Digital Times 36-page special report online.

Paper copies only at Cinec and at local launches of ALEXA 65. read more…

September 2014: Issue 64

Issue Details

Photokina Leica Report – Online Only

Free Special Report for Photokina 2014. Revised and updated through September 2014: all about Leica, CW Sonderoptic Leica Cine Lenses, Summilux-C, Summicron-C, Still Moving Pictures (stills shot by cinematographers with Leica cameras), Oskar Barnack’s motion picture camera, history, tour of the factory, and a look at the new Leica Headquarters in Wetzlar. 96 pages.

Free Download is 150 dpi. High Rez 300 dpi version for subscribers. Best viewed in Adobe Acrobat with View-Page Display set to Two Page View, and Show Cover Page in Two Page View. Online only. Paper copies at Photokina. read more…

September 2014: Issue 62-63

Issue Details

IBC 2014 Edition

Double Issue

Delivered free at IBC on paper and online. Print editions have shipped to subscribers. Online PDF edition for subscribers.

  • ARRI AMIRA Factory Tour
  • Sony’s New “Minima” PXW-FS7
  • Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 11
  • Leica Still Moving Pictures
  • Interviews with Stephan Schenk and Walter Trauninger of ARRI,
  • Interviews with AJA’s Nick Rashby
  • New ZEISS lenses and servo
  • New Angénieux 30-72 Anamorphic
  • Lucy and the Tiffen Filter Factory
  • Tour of Ronford-Baker Factory

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June 2014: Issue 61

Issue Details

Here: Cine Gear Edition

16 MB PDF Edition Ready to Download Now
Print Edition shipped week of June 1


  • Preston Light Ranger 2
  • Blackmagic URSA
  • Leica T, Leica Back in Wetzlar
  • ARRI Amira
  • Sony F55 Doc Dock, Sony a7S
  • How to Desqueeze Anamorphic
  • Interviews with Blackmagic’s Dan May
  • Interview with Canon’s Y. Imaoka and T. Hibi
  • Interview with AJA’s Jon Thorn
  • Scorpiolens Anamorphics
  • Camtec Vintage Prime Lens Test
  • Depth of Field in Anamorphic Cinematography

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April 2014: Issue 60

Issue Details

NAB 2014

96-pages of the best of NAB 2014
Now online and on paper

  • ARRI Amira Jumpstart – a Bluffers Guide to staying out of trouble in the ARRI booth
  • Visit to Cooke Optics Factory in Leicester, England
  • Interviews with the Cooke Anamorphic lens designers
  • New lenses from Angenieux, Canon, Leica, Fujinon, and ZEISS
  • Sony F5/F55 Updates
  • Download free 12-page preview
  • Subscribers: Download 15 MB PDF

Best viewed with Adobe Acrobat or Reader in 2-page view, show cover page.



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Feb 2014: Issue 58-59

Issue Details

Current Issue: Feb 2014

80-page Double Issue

Online and on paper
Special on Japan
Visit to Canon’s Utsunomiya Lens Factory
Interviews with Winfried Scherle and Aurelian Dodoc on ZEISS lens design
Above, Below and Bottom Line — a new column on the business of the business
Interviews at ARRI on Alexa SUP 9.0
and more
 (click “Current Issue” above for index)
PDF Editions look best with Adobe Acrobat set to: View – Page Display – Two Page View – and – Show Cover Page in Two Page View.

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December 2013: Issue 57

Issue Details

Year-End Issue Now Online

48 Pages now online. Paper edition ships this week. 

Leica Summicron-C Cine Lenses Introduced. 
Still Moving Pictures by Bob Primes, ASC. 
ARRI Amira.
Canon 4K Reference Monitor. 
Scorpiolens 2x Anamorphic Lenses.
Tour of Servicevision Barcelona.
Sony Version 2.0 Update. 
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Update. 
ZEISS Otus 55 mm f/1.4 
Panavision Primo V
and more (click “Current Issue” above for index)
PDF Editions look best with Adobe Acrobat set to: View – Page Display – Two Page View – and – Show Cover Page in Two Page View.  

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September 2013: Issue 55-56

Issue Details

Double Issue 55-56

Online and on paper. 


96 Page Double Issue: Canon C500 Cover Story, Lots of New Lenses  (anamorphic and spherical), Still Moving Pictures with Leica, Blackmagic 4K Camera, History of Angénieux, Tour of RED Factory, camera updates, rigs, mounts, lens metadata, accessories…

PDF Editions look best with Adobe Acrobat set to: View – Page Display – Two Page View – and – Show Cover Page in Two Page View. 

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Angenieux History 2013: Special Edition

Issue Details

Angénieux Special Report


The Angénieux company has been designing and building motion picture lenses for more than 78 years. This special report follows a time-line of Angénieux’s history, from its founding by Pierre Angénieux in the 1930s to the new lenses that continue to be developed today. 

PDF Editions look best with Adobe Acrobat set to: View – Page Display – Two Page View – and – Show Cover Page in Two Page View.  8 MB PDF Download.

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June 2013: Issue 54

Issue Details

Cannes + Cine Gear

Online and On Paper.

FDTimes anamorphic edition, NAB after-party and the Cannes + Cine Gear mid-year celebration of new cameras, lenses, lights and accessories. 

Premiere of Preston Cinema Systems MDR3, Charts of Anamorphic lenses from Angenieux, ARRI/ZEISS, Cooke Optics, Hawk, Panavision, Servicevision Scorpiolens. 

PDF Editions look best with Adobe Acrobat set to: View – Page Display – Two Page View – and – Show Cover Page in Two Page View.  14 MB PDF Download.

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April 2013: Issue 53

Issue Details

NAB 2013

On paper and online.

What’s inside? Lots of lenses. New Cameras. More K and 4K. Filters and Facts. Ways to connect cameras, recorders, rigs and accessories. Things to move cameras, to illuminate, and ways to stand out. Rumors revealed. New Angénieux and Cooke Anamorphics. New Phantom 4K Highspeed Camera…

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Feb 2013: Issue 52

Issue Details

Micro Salon & BSC Show

February 2013 Film and Digital Times Issue 52 Print Edition shipping and online now for subscribers.

FDTimes On Paper, Online, and now On iPad

  •  Cooke Look Defined, French Cinematheque
  • Vantage One T1, Master Anamorphic in Paris
  • ARRIRAW Inside, Alexa XR, Alexa XT
  • The Decisive Moment – Leica M
  • Transvideo Rainbow HD, Clairmont In-Camera
  • Angénieux 19.5-94 and 28-340 Optimos
  • Fujinon PL Premier Cabrio Zooms
  • Using Preston with Fujinon Cabrios
  • 135 mm Primes, InEmitable, Schneider Primes
  • Sony F5-F55 AKS, Nikon D600, Canon 6D
  •  Denz, iDC Photo Video,  Easyfocus, Ros Bot
  • Cinetech Italiana, Adam Wilt’s Cine Meter
  • Darius Khondji, Lighting with Paint, Reflections

February 2013: Special Edition

Issue Details

Sony F5 – F55 Booklet v5.5

Updated (v5.5) on Feb 27 with latest revisions and software versions of Sony F5 and F55 cameras. This is a free online edition only. We are not printing on paper.

Also available in the Apple Newsstand for iPad and iPhone (but you have to pay for this version).

The Film and Digital Times Sony F5 and F55 Special Report is not an official Sony document. This latest update is an “Unofficial Biography of the F5 and F55 as it is about to ship.”

Note–there may be some additions or corrections to SxS Card information…

Free 96-page PDF (14 MB) Download. Best viewed in Acrobat as “2-page view, show cover page.”

Sept 2012: Issue 50-51

Issue Details

IBC & Worldwide Edition

  • Making of Taylor Swift Music Video
  • Roger Deakins, ASC on Skyfall
  • ARRI/ZEISS Anamorphics
  • Leica Summilux-C Factory Tour
  • Denis Rouden, AFC on Alexa Anamorphic
  • A Guide to Hawk Anamorphics
  • A Cooke Look Back
  • New ZEISS Lenses, and new products from Transvideo, Litepanels, Shape, Aaton, Denz, Dedo, Matthews, bebob, Vocas, Codex, 3ality Technica, Chrosziel, and more

June 2012: Issue 49

Issue Details

Cine Gear Mid-Year

  • Black-and-White: Leica Monochrom M
  • New Steadicam Exovest
  • New Fujinon Cabrio, New Angénieux Zooms
  • 4K Cameras, Monitors, Recorders
  • After-NAB Review
  • Cine Gear Mid-Year Gear
  • Anamorphic Lenses Coming

April 2012: Issue 47-48

Issue Details

NAB 2012 Mid-Year Gear Report: 96 Pages

  • First Sony F65 Feature: After Earth
    Interviews with Director M. Night Shyamalan and DP Peter Suschitsky, ASC, BSC
  • Practical 4K Workflows on Features and Docs
  • F65 Jumpstart Guide
  • New Cameras, DSLRs, Lenses, Accessories, New Finders, Anamorphic

February 2012: Issue 46

Issue Details

  • The Look of Midnight in Paris
  • Jumpstart Guides to the Canon C300, ARRI Alexa, RED Scartlet-X
  • Moving Hugo, with Bob Richardson, ASC, Rob Legato, Chris Centrella, Larry McConkey, Demetri Portelli, Gregor Tavenner, Howard Preston, Jean-Marie Lavalou, Laurent Mannoni
  • Thirty Years of EMIT.  From Australia: The Shadowcatchers

December 2011: Issue 45

Issue Details

Special Year-End and IBC Gear Wrap Up

  • Cover Story: Canon Cinema EOS System
  • Canon C300 35mm Cameras
  • EXT. 20,000 ISO – Night
  • New ZEISS Anamorphic Lenses, Compact Zoom, CP .2 Primes
  • Exclusive Interviews: Angenieux, Leica, Canon

September 2011: Issue 44

Issue Details

IBC Issue

  • Lighting with Paint: Pieter de Hooch and The Green Screen is Always Greener
  • Bouquets to Bokehs
  • Filming in France, Helsinki, Hollywood, New York, Hogwarts
  • Rental Houses: Vantage in Paris, Weiden, Prague; Photo Cine Rent in Paris; FGV Schmidle in Munich and Berlin; Cam-a-lot and Camera Rentals in Amsterdam; Anand Cine Service in India

June 2011: Issue 43

Issue Details

Mid-Year Gear Report

  • NAB2011 Wrap and Wrap-Up
  • 4K, More K
  • New Cameras, Lenses, Lights, Support, AKS
  • Denny Clairmont
  • Every Frame a Rembrandt

April NAB  2011: Issue 41-42

Issue Details

Journey to Japan

  • Tour of Sony. Atsugi Tech Center. Sony Semiconductor Kumamoto Fab
  • Sony CineAlta 4K+ Camera. F65 Introduction
  • SRMaster SRMemory.
  • Sony F3 Updates.
  • Sony NXCAM Super35 NEX-FS100, NXCAM Sand and Spray Sony HXR-NX70.
  • Fujifilm FinePix X100.


March 2011: Issue 40

Issue Details

Made in France

  • AFC Micro Salon
  • Angénieux 75th Anniversary
  • Impressionism
  • Birth of Cinematography

December 2010: Issue 36-38

Issue Details

Whole FDTimes Catalog

September 2010: Issue 35

Issue Details

FDTimes Roma

USA Edition

June 2010: Issue 32-33

Issue Details

Mid-Year Report

  • Cine Gear 2010
  • NAB 2010 Review
  • Lighting with Paint

April 2010: Issue 31

Issue Details

Fall Show Previews

  • NAB 2010 Preview
  • Lighting with Paint
  • Oceans
  • AFC Micro Salon

March 2010: Issue 30

Issue Details


  • Paris
  • Micro Salon 2010 Report
  • The Making of “Oceans”

December 2009: Issue 29

Issue Details

October 2009: Issue 28

Issue Details

IBC Wrap-Up Online Edition

September 2009: Issue 27

Issue Details

IBC Special USA Edition

  • 1 Perf, 2 Perf, 3 Perf, 4.  2-Perf Aaton Penelope
  • ARRI BLUE One, Two, Three
  • Cooke Look 5/i, Panchro/i. Canon EOS 7D, Canon PL Mount 50D
  • Hot Rod PL Mount and Lenses. Fujinon 18-85mm T2.0
  • Transvideo TitanHD.
  • Lighting with Paint

February 2010: Issue 26

Issue Details

CINE GEAR to New Year Special 2010 Online Report

Midsummer 2009: Issue 25

Issue Details

  • Angénieux, Aaton, Abel Cine Tech, Avenger, ARRI, Backpack Journalism,
  • Band Pro, 16×9 Inc., Bogen, Canon, Cartoni, Century, Chrosziel, Cooke,
  • Dedo Weigert, Focus Optics, Formatt Filters, Fujinon, JVC, Kata,
  • Kino Flo, Litepanels, Lowel, Manfrotto, OConnor, P+S TECHNIK, Panasonic,
  • Petrol, Sachtler, Schneider, SONY, S.two, Steadicam, Tiffen, Transvideo,
  • UniqOptics, Vantage Film, Vision Research, ZEISS

April-July 2009: Issue 22-24

Issue Details

  • George Eastman House
  • 3D Cinematography
  • New PL Mount Lenses. New Cameras
  • Accessories. Support. Sci-Tech Awards
  • Lighting and More

February 2009: Issue 21

Issue Details

  • Lighting with Paint
  • Banjin by Andrew Laszlo, ASC
  • Canon Tour in Japan. Canon Vixia HF S10
  • Camaras y Luces, Argentina
  • Tandem Receiver. Rendezvous Reverse

November–December 2008: Issue 19–20

Issue Details

2008 Year in Review

Double Edition with Cinec 2008 Wrap-up

  • ZEISS Cine Lens Day. Visit to ZEISS Factory.
  • Lighting with Paint: The Picture Merchant
  • P+S Technik Tour
  • Vantage and Hawk Tour

June–August 2008: Issue 17–18

Issue Details


May 2008: Issue 16

Issue Details

France 2008

March 2008: Issue 15

Issue Details

Pre-NAB Special

December 2007: Issue 13–14

Issue Details

Holiday Double Edition

September 2007: Issue 12

Issue Details

IBC Edition

June 2007: Issue 11

Issue Details

CineGear Edition

March 2007: Issue 10

Issue Details

NAB Edition

January 2007: Issue 9

Issue Details

Sundance Edition

November 2006: Issue 8

Issue Details

CamerImage Edition

  • Lighting with Paint
  • ARRIMAX and Maxmover
  • Lenses, Light and Grip at Cinec
  • Transvideo 4 inch Starlight Monitor
  • Zeiss, Digis, Masters, and Ultras
  • Cinematographer Style Film & DVD

September 2007: Issue 7

Issue Details


  • Lighting with Paint
  • Lighting is Overrated
  • Focus Issues with HD and SD
  • Panavision Lenses
  • Vantage Anamorphics
  • Cool Tools
  • BrainDrain for Batteries
  • Arricam Depth

June 2006: Issue 6

Issue Details

CineGear Edition

  • Cinematographer Style Feature Documentary: 110 Interviews
  • Lighting with Paint What’s wrong with this Jan de Hooch Picture?
  • Depth of Field in Cinematography
  • The Gods of Focus and Preston FI+Z Hand Unit3
  • Back Focus and Zeiss Sharpmax
  • One Chip or Three Chips?

April 2006: Issue 5

Issue Details

Special NAB Supplement to American Cinematographer

January 2006: Issue 4

Issue Details

Sundance Edition

October 2005: Issue 3

Issue Details

SONY Z1 HDV Jumpstart

July/August 2005: Issue 2

Issue Details

Mid Year Gear Report

 : Issue 



May/June 2005: Issue 1

Issue Details

Premiere Issue