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Spring 2020: Issue 100
100th Edition

This is the 100th Issue of Film and Digital Times. 

It is a quick-look picture book of the past hundred or so covers, from the beginning of time. The beginning of FDTimes was June 2005. So this is a 15-year timeline of technique, technology, tools, lighting, art, style, factory tours, practical production, restaurants, life on location and diversions—with a diverse cast of characters and a cavalcade of companies. It’s a fun reunion. 

I wanted to include text, but that will have to wait for a future update. The upcoming April 21, 2020 edition is calling out for more than equal time.

Meanwhile, here is a whirlwind reminder of the years that brought us from the analog to the digital age of motion pictures. Browse these pages of covers like a flip book or Kinora (invented by the Lumière brothers). It’s interesting to see the pace quicken from beginning to end, with new products appearing more frequently, development cycles shortening, and the number of cameras, lenses, accessories, and lights increasing. 


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