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April 2013: Issue 53
NAB 2013

On paper and online.

What’s inside? Lots of lenses. New Cameras. More K and 4K. Filters and Facts. Ways to connect cameras, recorders, rigs and accessories. Things to move cameras, to illuminate, and ways to stand out. Rumors revealed. New Angénieux and Cooke Anamorphics. New Phantom 4K Highspeed Camera…


Intro, Looking Through a Lens  – pages 5-6
Tiffen and the Chamber of Secrets 7-8
Pierre Andurand, CEO of Thales Angénieux 9-10
Angénieux Optimo Anamorphic 56-152 mm and 2S Series  11-12
Cooke Anamorphic Primes 13-14
Scorpiolens 2x Anamorphic 15
ARRI/ZEISS Master Anamorphic Primes  16-17
Iain Neil on Designing Leica Summilux-C Lenses  18-19
Vantage Ones Not Just for Nighthawks  20-21
Fujinon PL Premier Cabrio Zooms, Fujifilm IS-mini  22-23
Schneider Cine-Xenar III Lenses   24
ZEISS CP.2 and CZ.2 Lenses   25
AbelCine’s New Camera & Lens Analysis Chart  26-27
Fresnels: Lighthouses to Litepanels 28-29
Claudio Miranda, ASC on Oblivion and Data on Oblivion 30-33
Chris Cookson on 4K and More  34-35
Canon Cinema EOS Cameras and Lenses  36
4K from Canon  37-41
Sony F5 andF55 Jumpstart  42-43
AJA Ki Pro Quad   44
CanaTrans White Space   45
Alexa XT and XR Upgrade  46-47
ARRI Accessories, Alura Extenders  48-49
ARRI Alexa FR in the Broadcast World   50
Clairmont Finders, Clairmont Aluras   51
Louma 2 on Jack the Giant Slayer  52-53
Band Pro at NAB: Fill-Lite, Element Technica   54
Band Pro, 16×9 Inc, Movcam, Ovide, Solid Camera, Switronix   55
Lowel Prime 800 LED   56
Nikon D600 and D7100   57
Preston in Paris   58
Transvideo with ARRI LDS, Rainbow HD   59
Codex Vault and SxS  60-61
Manfrotto 500 Head   62
IB/E Optics  63
Focus on Vocas  64-66
Vocas on Blackmagic Cinema Camera   66
Bertone Visuals   67
Convergent Design Odyssey7  68-69
JVC   70
Nemenz F55 Upgrades, Viewer Finder   71
Phantom 4K from 23.97 – 1000 fps  72-73
Cartoni MAGNUM and JIBO   74
Nila Varsa & Boxer   75
Matthews Studio Equipment  76-77
Ronford-Baker   78
K-Tek Sound Booms and Tadpoles   78
cmotion compact   79
Denz FDC multi   80
RVZ   81
Bright Tangerine   82
Mole Richardson LED   82
Cinetech Italiana   83
SHΛPE   84
Anton/Bauer   84
Creamsource    84
Petrol Bags   86
REDRAY 4K Cinema Player   86
Wooden Camera   87
Chrosziel  88-89
Drylab Dailies & Cam Report   89
Musitelli in Montevideo  90-91
Oscar Sci-Techs Cooke Optics, Matthews and Anton/Bauer  92-93

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