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December 2017: Issue 85
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Contents: Dec 2017 Issue 85


Roadtrip. Grand Tour. 4

Venice Beach or Venice Italy? 5

Sony’s VENICE Launch 6

Wetzlar: CW Sonderoptic, M 0.8, Leica, Noctilux 7

Carl Zeiss Startup Upstart 8-9

Storyline Studios in Oslo 10

ARRI 100th Anniversary in Munich 11-12

Oskar Barnack Award in Berlin 13

ARRI 100th Anniversary in Amsterdam 14-15

IBC 16-20

IBC FFA Scorpiolens 2x 21

Leica M10 with Thalia Large Format Lenses and M to PL Adapter 22

Angénieux Optimo 12x Launch 23

Severine Serrano at Angénieux 24

Daniela Kesselem at CW Sonderoptic 25

VENICE in Amsterdam 26

VENICE and the latest Full Frame & Large Format Lenses 26

Sony VENICE 27

RED WEAPON with MONSTRO 8K VV Sensor 28-29

The Future is Big at IB/E Optics 30

IB/E Optics Design Department 31

IB/E Optics 5th Anniversary 32

Grossglockner to Cortina d’Ampezzo 33

Bassano del Grappa 34

Asolo and area 35

Manfrotto Factory Tour 36-37

Manfrotto Manufacturing in Feltre 38

Manfrotto Casting and Finishing 39

Manfrotto Painting 40

Manfrotto F1: Tripods and Heads 40

Manfrotto F5 Tube machining 41-42

Manfrotto F7: Befree 43

Manfrotto and Avenger Lighting and Grip Support 43

Manfrotto Design and Prototyping 44

Venice 45

ARRI Austria History 46

Walter Trauninger 47

ARRI Austria Tour 48

ARRI Austria: Electronic Control Systems 49

ARRI Austria 50-51

Viennese Cuisine 52

Sacher Hotel Vienna 53

cmotion 54

cmotion cPRO wireless lens control system 55

Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna 56

Raphael in Vienna’s Albertina Museum 57

Raphael in the Cinema 57

Stephen Goldblatt ASC BSC on “Our Souls at Night” 58-60

Kei Ikeda, Music Videos and URSA Mini Pro 4.6K 61


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