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Feb 2013: Issue 52
Micro Salon & BSC Show

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  •  Cooke Look Defined, French Cinematheque
  • Vantage One T1, Master Anamorphic in Paris
  • ARRIRAW Inside, Alexa XR, Alexa XT
  • The Decisive Moment – Leica M
  • Transvideo Rainbow HD, Clairmont In-Camera
  • Angénieux 19.5-94 and 28-340 Optimos
  • Fujinon PL Premier Cabrio Zooms
  • Using Preston with Fujinon Cabrios
  • 135 mm Primes, InEmitable, Schneider Primes
  • Sony F5-F55 AKS, Nikon D600, Canon 6D
  •  Denz, iDC Photo Video,  Easyfocus, Ros Bot
  • Cinetech Italiana, Adam Wilt’s Cine Meter
  • Darius Khondji, Lighting with Paint, Reflections

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