Ikonoskop ACam DII

Three different mounts: Leica, C-mount, PL

The guys from Sweden who brought us the Acam 16 mm camera a few years ago are now presenting the Acam DII.

The Acam DII is a small and lightweight HD Camcorder that records 1920×1080 RAW CinemaDNG directly on excangeable 160 GB drives.

It is available with C-mount, Leica-mount or PL-mount.

Acam 160 GB cartridge

Acam cardreader

With the C-mount, the camera is extremely small and compact, making it an ideal companion for run-and gun-style shooting, carmounts, helicopters, 3D or whatever your creative mind might think of.

As Göran Olsson, co-founder of the company puts it: “it’s a combination of art and technology, a camera made for filmmakers by filmmakers.”

Göran, Acam DII & Leica 40 mm

Delivery starts this year, prices start at about 7000,-€ for a basic kit.

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