FDTimes heading to IBC: Booth 11.F31

Photo by Juan Pablo Fabres, JPF Cine, Chile

Photo by Juan Pablo Fabres, JPF Cine, Chile

Film and Digital Times September IBC Issue 55-56 is printing in LA and Amsterdam, after a record number of “Stop the Presses” calls. I have never seen such a frenzy of up-to-the-minute last-minute new stuff.

Paper and online editions will be ready for opening day of IBC on September 13. We’ll be handing out free copies from booth 11.F31 — where Transvideo is graciously giving us space. This should be a busy booth: Transvideo and Aaton are now together as one company.

Our 96-page double issue is packed with up-to-the-minute information and lots of new products–many embargoed until the opening bell. Lots of new lenses (anamorphic and spherical), camera updates, rigs, mounts, lens metadata, accessories…

Walter Salles’ “The Motorcycle Diaries,” beautifully shot by Eric Gautier, AFC inspired the photo above, taken by Juan Pablo Fabres. Les (playing Che, driving) and Jon (as Dr. Alberto Granado) travelled from Chile to Uruguay to Argentina.  Warning: Do not attempt. Drivers on closed roads. Always wear a helmet. Issue 55-56 features a report on three major rental houses  in South America: JPF Cine in Santiago, Chile; Musitelli Film & Digital in Montevideo, Uruguay; and Cámaras y Luces  in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

See you at IBC.




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