Marvin: Washing Machine for Data

An “automatic washing machine for video data”. That’s how Russell Branch of Marvin Technologies describes Marvin.

Basically, Marvin takes a RED CF card, and performs a so called protocol. A protocol in this case, is a list of chores Marvin will perform, like copying data to the built in raid, verifying the copied files, process them to Quicktime, archive them on LTO tape, generate a report.

This all happens without human interaction, so the risk of human error is highly reduced. That does not mean that data wranglers will be out of work in the future, it just makes their life easier and safer.

Soon, Marvin will be able to handle SxS Data, P2 Data and hopefully even more formats, including stereoscopy- it can even sort the data from left and right eye.

All you need to control Marvin is a laptop and a browser.

Marvin sells for about 12000,-€ for the 6TB version, including the LTO tape drives and is also available from Band Pro.

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