P+S Technik 16Digital SR Mag

PS Technik 16Digital SR Mag

Last year, P+S Technik showed a prototype of a digital magazine for Arri 16SR cameras.

This year they are almost ready to deliver. The mag has a 2/3″ Thomson sensor and records full 1920×1080 resolution in a visually lossless compressed RAW format on SSD cartridges or HD with a Cineform codec.  Soon, selected customers will be able to buy a mag, which will be limited to 30 fps, but later on up to 75 fps will be possible.

The mag is compatible with 16SR-1, 2 and 3 cameras up. Adaption to the camera is simple: just the film gate has to be switched to allow proper alignment of the sensor.

P+S Technik 16Digital Mag User Interface

The magazine can be configured via a web interface, which allows the use of any device capable of displaying a website for configuration. It has internal WIFI, so basically any iphone or ipad can be used to control the mag.

P+S Technik 16Digital Mag & cardreader

Aki Schirmer presenting the 16Digital Mag workflow

P+S also offers a reader for the memory cartridges and a dedicated postproduction workflow software, based on Silverstack by Pomfort.

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