ARRI DSLR Accessories

ARRI has expanded their product line for prosumer HD camcorders and DSLRs.

These are the hands of Philip Vischer, product manager at ARRI, showing the new MBB-2 mattebox. It can either be clipped on the lens or, with an optional support bracktet, put on 15 mm rods. An interesting feature are the detachable handgrips (not recommend to be used with the clip-on version).

MBB-2 with detachable handgrips

Their flexible zoom ring can be attached to any lens, letting you  zoom manually with a small zoomstick or an attached lens motor.

Zoom ring

A new rubber “gear” for the MFF-1 or any other Arri follow focus can be used with any lens, without the need for toothed rings.

Rubber gear

A flexible donut prevents light from leaking in behind the mattebox and bouncing off a filter.

Flexible Donut

The handwheel of the MFF-1 is now available seperately, allowing other ARRI follow focuses to have adjustable stops also.

Detachable Handwheel

Last but not least, the Follow Focus 5 is now available with a gear ratio for film style lenses.

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