Cine Deck

Alan Hoff  from Cinedeck calls his product an “extremely capable recorder”. A look at the spec sheet shows, he’s not bragging.

The Cinedeck ($ 9995)  is not much larger than a 7″ monitor, records up to 4:4:4 uncompressed (with a $ 2995 option installed), has Ambient timecode ($ 795 option) and records to SSDs or SSD raids.

The base version of the deck records Cineform, all flavors of ProRes and DNX_HD.

It can pick up signals from HD-SDI and HDMI sources, has loop through dual SDI connectors and records about every HD and SD format there is.

They have put in image evaluation tools, like histogram, waveform and vectorscope and the reader for the SSDs is included in the base package. It’s not a replacement for on on-board mini monitor like a Transvideo, but true to its name, an extremely capable recorder that happens to have a good interface and monitor. Since Alan is an AVID alumnus, there are rumors of potential for on-set rudimentary editing.

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