FDTimes Issue 35 Coming Soon

Film and Digital Times Issue 35 will go to press simultaneously in Amsterdam, Munich and Hollywood next week. Printed copies will be mailed to subscribers then.

Look for us at IBC, from Sept 10-14. Pick up a complimentary copy of FDTimes from our sponsors or our booth #40 in the publications area between Hall 8 and 9-10-11.

We’ll also be at Cinec, Sept 18-20 in booth 3-A12.

Online PDF editions for laptops, iPads and iPhones will be ready to read on September 10.


Rome Report: Cinecittà Studios; De Angleis Studio; NUCT; Panalight; Ianiro: Red Heads to LED Heads; Interview with Dr. Guido Cartoni; Francesca Storaro: Lighting Correggio

Kodak Building 38

Cooke 5/i and ARRI Alexas on “Hugo Cabret”

What we’ll see at IBC and Cinec: Petrol Bags; Matthews Car Mount System; Kata Bumblebee; OConnor 2065; Chrosziel and IB/E; Transvideo; European Film Academy 3D; ARRI Alexa; Sony SRW-9000PL; Vinten 100 Years; Tiffen ; P+S Technik; ZEISS CP.2 23

First Oskar Barnack Leica; Leica: from Che to Cine Lenses 25

Cine Gear 2010: Lifetime Achievement Award to Volker Bahnemann; Easy Focus and Nano Baby Dolly; iDC Photo Video

The Life of Amnon; Life of Amnon, Part II

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