IBC 2010

IBC in Amsterdam saw attendance increase to almost 49,000, the second highest level in its entire history.  Healthy numbers:  8.7% increase from last year, 1300+ exhibits, 300 speakers in 60+ conference sessions, 100,000+ sq. meters, 150+ training sessions.  Two new additional halls were added:  Hall 12 and 13. These are good indications that the recession is hopefully over as clearly shown through healthy economic statistics in the last 4 months.  “Cautious Optimism” is the new economic climate.

Here’s the report:  

Cameras & Lenses.

Arri’s Alexa received new software upgrade to reach 14 stops of dynamic range at ASA 160 to 1600, and supports Apple ProRes.   The Alexa in 3D format is being used by Martin Scorcese’s “Hugo Cabret”, Alexa 2D in “Anonymous” where director Roland Emmerich (“The Day After Tomorrow”, “2012”)  tells a 17th century Elizabethan tale on Shakespeare’s authorship.

Alexa Plus added wireless remote control, new LDS mount, additional monitor out, and an additional RS power out.

Arri showed the new 12 mm T1.3 Master Prime lens.

Ikonoskop showed the A-Cam dII which records in raw uncompressed 2K

JVC showed the GY-HM700E & GY-HM790 HD memory card camcorder with 3 x 1/3” Progressive CCD, which takes Sony SxS cards.  It has native support for Final Cut Pro.

Sony. Portable 3D camcorder. Sony’s entry into 3D camcorder arena—looks like twin EX-1 cameras–also has adjustable interaxial control.

SRW-9000PL  in PL lens mount is a 35 mm camcorder that  have the

cinematic advantages of 35 mm film style acquisition.

PMW-500 camcorder in XDCAM 4:2:2 comes with SxS cards.

Fraunhofer Institute showed the micro 2, an ultra compact multi-format CMOS HDTV 2K camera. The 1.7” x 1.7” x 3.4” camera weighs a mere 200 grams,  ideal for 3D.

Canon showed the high precision and well matched zoom lenses for 3D as used in the FIFA World Cup in South Africa where all matches used Canon lenses.  Both zoom lenses in 3D must be 100% synchronized for zoom , iris and focus. Highly accurate servo systems are deployed.

Carl Zeiss added 50 mm T2.1 macro and 100 mm T2.1 close focus primes to its Compact Prime 2 lenses.

Cooke showed the 5/i T1.4 prime lenses, as used in the 3D film “Hugo Cabret,” directed by Martin Scorsese.

Fujinon introduced 6 new zoom lenses for 3D applications with synchronous control systems.  Zoom ratios are 4x,  8x, 14x, 16x & 18x for 2/3” sensors. They have very high optical and mechanical qualities.  These lenses accurately match throughout their zoom and focus ranges as required in 3D cinematography.  Fujinon PL series cine zoom lenses for film and digital cinematography are as good as images from the top prime lenses.

P+S Technik showed new cinematic tools:  the Weisscam HS-2 in the newer Mark II version, the SI-2K 3D rig, the new Freestyle portable under beam splitter 3D rig which is ideal for Steadicam, and several 3D beam splitter rigs.

Panasonic’s AG-3DA1 3D camcorder was widely seen.  Panasonic proudly showed the AG-AF100, the world’s first Micro Four Thirds MOS image sensor AVCCAM camcorder—with a  sensor slightly smaller than a 35 mm film camera.

Phantom Flex Ultra High Speed Digital cameras boast 1200 ASA and 2800 FPS in HD mode.

Schneider showed the new Schneider Cine-Xenar T2.0 prime lenses.

3D disparity & alignment evaluation, depth monitoring, and correction is offered for critical live broadcast 3D shoots by 3ality Digital, Binocle, Cel-Soft’s Cel-scope, C-motion, Element Technica, Evertz, Hamlet, Sony and others.

Stereoscopic 3D cameras, monitors, projectors, rigs, software and accessories seemed to be everywhere.


Arri HS series flickerfree electronic ballasts introduced flickerfree electronic ballasts that increased the square wave from 75 Hz to 1000 Hz.  This offers ultra high speed filming without the constant worry of flicker in the 1000+ FPS range when filming with the Phantom Flex, Weisscam HS-2 or IDT HDiablo.

Arri introduced the Arrilite 750 plus (HPL bulbs) and Arrilite 2000 plus for tungsten lighting. These are made of durable metal alloy, not plastic that easily deforms with heat.

Dedolight’s finally showed the new 1200w HMI with the famous Dedo aspherical focusable lens system.

Dedolight On-board Mini LED lights extends battery life.

Dedo PanAura soft dome Chimera contains 2 sets of 400/575w HMIs.

Litepanels introduced the Sola LED Fresnel, whose 75 watt draw has a light output is equivalent to a 650 watt tungsten fresnel.  The Sola ENG which looks and functions more like a prime lens, draw only 30 watts, but give light output similar to a 250 watt tungsten fresnel.

Mole-Richardson showed the new 24K Fresnel double ended HMI head with the only 24K flicker-free electronic ballast which is made by Power Gems, and the Mole LED cluster adjustable for tungsten or daylight.


AJA introduced the new AJA KiPro Mini, portable file based, mini data recorder.  ProRes conversion with rapid transfer to Final Cut Pro.  AJA improved the AJA Kona 3 thru the Kona 3G capture card, multi format, I/O hardware to Mac & PC.

Quantel showed improved workflows in color correction, 2D, 3D, thru the new V5 software for eQ, iQ and Pablo.


Matthews Studio Equipment.  Did you ever wish you have the same variety and accessories in grip equipment but in a small scale for table tops, table-top rigging, on-board monitor positioning and car mounting?  Check out Matthews Studio Equipment’s Micro grip line.

Christie showed its first 4K 3D projector.

Transvideo showed the new wireless HD & 3D monitor, in addition to its HDSLR range.

Sony’s MPE-200 does 2D to 3D conversion, Stereo Image Processing, and does most of the critical adjustments for live 3D on line correction and post.

Panther showed a new Tristar dolly that goes a bit lower, and the new High-Low turnstile.

Do you know you can do on-line full edit on an ipad?  Try VeriCorder’s FirstVideo.


1. How many iphone Aps have been downloaded as of today?

Ans:  6.5 Billion.  That is equivalent to about 1 per person in the whole world.

Note that iphones were not even around a little more than 2 years ago.

2. How many people in the US have given up watching TV?

Ans:  40 million. They watch on their PC or smart phone instead.  Broadcasters take note.

3. What is the average number of texts or sms messages sent by US teens today?

Ans:  2,272 per month per teenager.

My top three favorite “toys” seen at IBC:

  1. NHK’s Super Hi-Vision 8K camera system.  How can you not be taken by these specs:     7680 x 4320 pixels, 60P FPS, 33 million pixel sensor, 22.2 multi channel sound,
  2. Arri’s second generation Alexa digital cameras.
  3. Andytech Srl’s Skycam full remote controlled, gyro stabilized, multi axis, 35 mm film or HD camcorder floating thru a remote controlled helium balloon.   They also showed their Single Cable Cam as well as their Four Cable Cam ideal for major sports, concerts or events.

Trends and Directions I see:

  1. 3D digital theaters are multiplying rapidly.
  2. LED lighting is everywhere.
  3. System wireless remote control via iphone or ipad growing.
  4. Workflow aggregation.
  5. Metadata is a must.
  6. Almost everyone is either using, misusing or abusing 3D.
  7. In less than a decade, 8K will the prosumer format norm (per NHK).

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