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Marvin: Washing Machine for Data

An “automatic washing machine for video data”. That’s how Russell Branch of Marvin Technologies describes Marvin. Basically, Marvin takes a RED CF card, and performs a so called protocol. A protocol in this case, is a list of chores Marvin will perform, like copying data to the built in raid, verifying the copied files, process them to Quicktime, archive them on… read more…

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Element Technica Neutron and Pulsar 3D Rigs

Element Technica 3D rigs come in three sizes: Quasar, Pulsar and Neutron. The Quasar 3D rig is intended for large cameras like the Sony F-23/35, the RED One, Sony F-900, and Alexa. The Neutron is for small cameras like the SI-2K, box cameras or the RED Epic brains. It is extremely small and lightweight, converts from mirror to side by… read more…

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Screenplane X-Y mount

Sebastian Cramer, inventor of the Mini Skater Dolly, has something new. He wanted to use zoom lenses on his RED cameras for stereography. And, he wanted to be able to zoom during the take. For this, proper alignment of lens and camera is crucial, but hard to achieve. So he came up with a simple,ingenious idea, the X-Y mount. With… read more…


FDTimes New Issue 32+33 Now Online

Film and Digital Times Mid-Year Cine Gear 2010 Edition (issue 32+33) is now online for subscribers. We will be all over Cine Gear. Visit us at Booth # 126 for a complimentary paper copy. See you there: June 4-5.www.cinegearexpo.com

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New Red EVF and Scarlet

Hans Hansson writes from Sweden, “I’m sending you some links for news for your blog:” Engadget interview with Ted Schilowitz at CES Stills and close-ups of new RED Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) and Scarlet Jon Fauer writes, “We were impressed with the prototypes we saw at IBC, now further refined and shown at CES recently. The Red Bomb EVF (Electronic Viewfinder)… read more…

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RED Read

Noah Kadner has completed the essential book on RED. Here, in 340 well-written pages, with beautiful color photos, is the must-have guide to everything you need to know about working with the RED ONE camera system. For less than the price of an eyepiece cover, you have years of knowledge under one paperback cover. It will save you hours…no, days…of… read more…

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Oli at DV Expo 2008

by Oli Laperal, Jr. I scour trade shows to learn about the state of cinematographic technology now and for the near future.  DV Expo, in recent years, has been the site of significant announcements and new product roll-outs.  This year it was host to a 4K forum presented by top guns from the industry, including Fotokem, Red and Sony, as… read more…

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