New Red EVF and Scarlet

Red Bomb EVF prototype at IBC

Hans Hansson writes from Sweden, “I’m sending you some links for news for your blog:”

Engadget interview with Ted Schilowitz at CES

Stills and close-ups of new RED Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) and Scarlet

Jon Fauer writes, “We were impressed with the prototypes we saw at IBC, now further refined and shown at CES recently. The Red Bomb EVF (Electronic Viewfinder) is, I think, really big news.

ARRI Alexa Finder Prototype at IBC

ARRI showed a really good EVF prototype at IBC as well. Everyone is clamoring for  smaller, sharper, better electronic finders for not only high-end cameras, but also HDSLRs as well–which currently are relying on magnifying loupes like Bruce Dorn’s Run & Gun Kit attached to LCD screens. The potential market is huge for hi-rez viewfinders that are sharper and can let the camera operator evalutate really difficult and critical focus situations.

What makes these high-rez finders possible is LCOS and FLCOS (Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal On Silicon) microdisplay technology.

Currently there are only a handful of companies that can do this; one of them is in a region where single malts are another main export.

I expect we’ll see some more EVF entries at NAB. They will probably have kinder, gentler names, since the revolutionary or frontier gunslinging good, bad and ugly cinematographer  (gone rogue, Gunner, Run & Gun) trademarks may all have been used up. Will manufacturers turn to classical mythology, famous painters or famous filmmakers? I wonder if the heirs would license a Renoir or Billy Bitzer EVF.

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