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Oli at NAB 2011

Sony’s theme was “Believe Beyond HD.” The Digital Cinema Society’s seminar was titled, “3D, 4K and beyond.” We saw plenoptic lenses selectively adjusting focus within a scene. We saw the GoPro 3D camera on a model helicopter. NAB 2011 was well beyond HD. Attendance was up, along with activity on the show floor.  It could be a reflection of a… read more…

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NAB Wrap

It’s a wrap. NAB 2011 was the best in years: great attendance, interesting new equipment and exciting trends. If the barometer is 500 GB of photos from our four intrepid filmmaker-reporters, worn-out running shoes, water bottles emptied and granola bars consumed, this was the busiest ever. Comments and pictures follow–with credit to Oli Laperal, Jr, Dorian Weber, Mark Forman, Yousef… read more…

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Fauer and friends speak at NAB

Here’s a partial listing of the cast of characters appearing live on the Vitec NAB Stage, C6030: Monday, April 11 at 11 am: Jon Fauer, ASC talks about Art and Tools. “Technique and Technology” — how the tools we use influence  style — and vice versa.  Jon will take us on a whirlwind 5-minute history of art, photography and cinematography to… read more…

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FDTimes NAB Edition Contents

FDTimes April 2011 double issue 41-42 hits the halls of NAB on opening day: at 9 am on Monday April 11, 2011. Pick up your complimentary copy of Film and Digital Times from the publication bins in the Central Hall Main Lobby and South Hall Upper Lobby, at our booth C9550, and at the booths of our sponsors, including Sony, Fujinon,… read more…

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FDTimes at NAB Booth C9550

Visit Film and Digital Times at NAB – Booth C9550. Our Special NAB April Edition will be in publication bins everywhere and at our booth C9550. Drop off your business card to win a complimentary year-long subscription to FDTimes paper edition. You’ll find us across from Cooke Optics and P+S Technik. Zacuto, Ikonscop, ZEISS, and Vision Research are neighbors. We’re… read more…

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FDTimes New Issue 32+33 Now Online

Film and Digital Times Mid-Year Cine Gear 2010 Edition (issue 32+33) is now online for subscribers. We will be all over Cine Gear. Visit us at Booth # 126 for a complimentary paper copy. See you there: June 4-5.www.cinegearexpo.com

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FDTimes at Cine Gear Booth 126

Film and Digital Times Mid-Year Cine Gear 2010 Edition (issue 32+33) is now online for members. We will be at Cine Gear, Booth # 126. Pick up your free copy. See you there: June 4-5. www.cinegearexpo.com Here’s a look inside at our post-NAB, Mid-Year, Cine Gear 2010 64-page Report: Steadicam Tango 6 ZGC at NAB 7 16Digital SR Mag from P+S… read more…

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Panasonic PL Camera

Panasonic was first out of the gate at NAB with PL-mounted, full-featured camcorder based on the DSLR phenomenon. Many expected something like this from Canon–but then, Panasonic was also first with the Lumix Micro Four-Thirds camera, which was quickly hotrodded by Illya Friedman and Hot Rod Cameras with a PL mount. A prototype of the new Panasonic AG-AF100 Camcorder was… read more…

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Aaton 4K Penelope-Delta

Eagerly awaited almost as long as Penelope herself, Aaton showed a working prototype of the Penelope-Delta Digital 4K “Magazine” at NAB. Expect working models at IBC 2010, and delivery probably this time next year. The large nautilus-looking sculpture where the film take-up inching knob used to be is a large silent fan—needed, as on most things digital, to cool the… read more…

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ARRI Alexa adds Apple and Avid

The crowds waiting for a date with Alexa at ARRI’s NAB booth were reminiscent of the beginning of the revolution fomented in a Red Tent in South Hall a mere four years ago. What they saw were working models of the entry-level ARRI digital camera: A-EV, to be delivered this June. Missing was a bouncer at the entrance, although Bill… read more…

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NAB Wrap-Up

NAB 2010 was truly the beginning of a new era. As usual, it was not what was initially intended. The initial spin was 3D from Camera to Couch (Panasonic) and Lens to Living Room (Sony). 3D rigs were everywhere, along with 3D monitors, controllers and 2D to 3D conversion tools. But beyond the 3D, we got a glimpse of where… read more…

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NAB 2009 Slideshow

Over 900 Photos from NAB, brought to you by intrepid photographers Mark Forman, Dorian Weber and Jon Fauer. Images beginning with a _ or _MG are copyright Mark Forman. Check out his great website:  http://screeningroom.com/ Contact Mark to license photos or to obtain high resolution copies. Images beginning with a _DSC are copyright Dorian Weber. To view slideshow, click the… read more…


NAB 2009

By Oli Laperal, Jr. Film and Digital Times Asian Bureau Chief In today’s economic climate, many attendees carefully balanced the cost of trekking to Las Vegas for the NAB show, versus going online for information.  Although there is no doubt that information from the web is expansive, there is no substitute for the real thing,  the keynote addresses, conferences and… read more…

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