The Cat is Back


At IBC 2012, left: Jacques Delacoux; right: Jean-Pierre Beauviala

Film and Digital Times is pleased to announce that Aaton is alive and well and living in  Grenoble.

Jacques Delacoux, President of Transvideo, said, “Aaton and Transvideo will follow the same path — as sister companies. We have lots of exciting products that we are working on together.”

I tried to reach Jean-Pierre Beauviala, Founder of Aaton, but he is probably at his weekend house high in the mountains, without phone or internet. His comments will be posted here as soon as I hear from him.

JP and JD, two enfants terribles of the industry (in the complimentary and complementary genius definition of the phrase), will work together.

Their first product might be the next generation Cantar—a new audio recorder. It’s estimated that more than 1000 industry-darling Cantars are in use worldwide. Several other exciting products are also expected, and we look forward to more cats on more shoulders.


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8 Responses:

  1. Lavalette says:

    beautiful comment!

  2. Pierre Souchar says:

    That are great news ! Thank you, Jon ! And thanks to JD, too !

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  4. Henrique Leiner says:

    9 lives has a cat…and this is The Cat !

  5. L. Franssen says:

    A new Cantar as a first genius product. Wow great.

  6. joe dunton says:

    They are great people if any make a new camera they can not a converted tv camera best wishes joe dunton

  7. Danys BRUYERE says:

    This is very good news!
    With Aaton’s knowledge of audio and camera design, and transvideo’s knowledge of innovative electronics and incredibly reliable products, this should be a perfect combination to bring out quality product in a timely manner.
    Both from a sound and image perspective, I wish all of my friends at Aaton, and Jacque’s team at TransVideo all the best in this new venture!

    And Jon, always on the cutting edge of the news! A true “newspaper man”. Gets the scoop even before the final approval from the business tribunal!
    I say “Awesome, Dude” ;-)

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