Angénieux and Aaton at Cannes

AngenieuxCannes2webAngénieux and Aaton were seen at the Cannes Film Festival (May 19-20), demonstrating Angénieux  15-40 and 28-76 Optimo lightweight zooms on Aaton’s new Penelope 35mm camera. Aaton was well represented in the official selection at Cannes 2009:

Ang Lee “Taking Woodstock”             Camera Aaton 35 (Eric Gautier) -Cantar (Drew Kunin)
Alain Resnais “Les Herbes Folles”     Camera Aaton 35 (Eric Gautier)- Cantar (Jean Marie Blondel)
Jacques Audiard “Un Prophète”                 Camera Aaton 35 (Stéphane Fontaine)
Lars Von Trier “Antichrist”                          Cantar (André Rigaut)
Cherien Dabis “Amreeka”                             Cantar (Brock Capell)
Marina De Van “Ne te retourne pas”          Cantar (Carlo Thoss)
Xavier Giannoli “A l’Origine”                       Cantar (François Musy)
Michaël Haneke “Das weisse Band”           Cantar (Guillaume Sciama)
Ken Loach “Looking for Eric”                      Cantar (Ray Beckett)
Tsai Ming-liang “Face”                                 Cantar (Roberto van Eijden)
Gaspar Noé “Soudain le Vide”                     Cantar (Claude La Haye)
Elia Suleiman “The Time that Remains”   Cantar (Chris Monheim)

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