Tour de Aaton

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It is fitting that while touring Aaton, the Tour de France was underway.

2 Rue de la Paix in Grenoble has long been on my list of places to visit. In the center of Grenoble, a university town at the foot of the French Alps, Aaton cameras have been built here for the past thirty years, along with Cantar, Indaw, Keylink and other famous Aaton products. Presiding over an enterprise of more than 70 craftsmen and women, Jean-Pierre Beauviala (above right) is the personification of the company–an eminence, not grise, and often called the only man in the world who can truly explain, in plain English (and French) timecode on film.

Click here for the Aaton Report as a LoRez PDF (2.5 MB): FDTimes Aaton Report LoRez2

Click here for the High Rez 300 dpi PDF (15 MB): FDTimes Aaton Report HiRez2

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