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How Not to Light Cars

In all fairness, this lighting setup is not for a commercial. It’s a manufacturer’s demo display. But it graphically shows how cars reflect the sources lighting them. Maybe you want hot spots from the fresnels above. Probably not. A long gridcloth glowing from above would create a beautiful source for the cars below. Look at a car in the midday… read more…


Baby Dolly

Matthias Uhlig is at it again. Winner of the Ron Dexter award for first PL to Canon EOS mount adapter, Matthias is making kits that will summon up the inner kid in all of us. You can find the parts yourself, but it saves a lot of time and effort just to order the kit from Matthias. Think IKEA for… read more…

Race Tracking for Film Production

Kiel Week is the largest sailing event in the world, with 5,000 competitors on 2,000 boats from 50 countries. Keeping track of 400 starts on 40 courses is helped by MyLaps, an interesting GPS real time tracking system that could be useful in film production. MYLAPS is one of the leading companies in research and development for sports timing and… read more…


Element Technica 3D Rigs at Soccer World Cup in South Africa

Element Technica Quasar 3D rigs are being used exclusively for the 3D broadcasts of the world championship soccer tournament from South Africa this summer. A total of 22 ET Quasar rigs are being used for 3D camera positions in the Ellis Park and Soccer City stadiums in Johannesburg, and at stadiums in Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. 25 soccer… read more…

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ASC Clubhouse Completed

With renovations completed, the stunningly beautiful ASC clubhouse re-opened for business on Thursday, June 3rd–a day before Cine Gear 2010. The house was built in 1903 as a private Hollywood residence, and was purchased by the ASC in 1936 (17 years after its founding). Inside, it looks like a set. This is fitting, because the interiors were designed by a… read more…


Eyemo Redux

Take a look at Gerardo Puglia’s 35mm timelapse footage for Small World Coffee, shot on his 1939 Bell and Howell Eyemo motion picture camera with Nikon mount and ZEISS prime. Before there was EOS, there was Eyemo. And still is.

William A. Fraker, ASC, BSC

William A. Fraker, ASC, BSC passed away last week at the age of 86. ASC President Michael Goi said, “He will be missed but never forgotten.” ASC president emeritus Richard Crudo said, “”Billy Fraker was the epitome of a Hollywood cinematographer.” Born September 29, 1923 in Los Angeles, Fraker attended USC. He went on to compile an impressive list of… read more…


Sony F35 Upgrade

The Sony F35 Camera is being upgraded this summer with selectable EI from 640 to 1000. Sony also plans real time 12-bit RGB later this year with its next-generation HDCAM-SR recording technology. That includes real-time 2K (2048×1080). And look for on-board solid state recording and 1 TB memory cards. This news came in after going to press with our Cine… read more…


FDTimes New Issue 32+33 Now Online

Film and Digital Times Mid-Year Cine Gear 2010 Edition (issue 32+33) is now online for subscribers. We will be all over Cine Gear. Visit us at Booth # 126 for a complimentary paper copy. See you there: June

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