Race Tracking for Film Production

Kiel Week is the largest sailing event in the world, with 5,000 competitors on 2,000 boats from 50 countries.

Keeping track of 400 starts on 40 courses is helped by MyLaps, an interesting GPS real time tracking system that could be useful in film production. MYLAPS is one of the leading companies in research and development for sports timing and tracking.

The device used in Kiel is smaller than most cellphones and works like a waterproof iPhone. A SIM card inside transmits continuous GPS position information via mobile phone frequencies to a central server.

Each boat or sailor carries a tracker, which is programmed with name, sail number and other information.

Spectators can track all the sailboats racing in real time.

How could we use this in film production?

Imagine your armada of production trucks has been scattered in appalling traffic.

With MyLaps in each truck, you can see that the camera truck is an hour away, the lead actor’s camper is parked in front of a fancy restaurant, and it appears the director is heading home.

Or, you’re shooting the largest crowd scene the world has ever seen. Ready when you are, CB…

Attach a tracker on key characters or select extras, and watch the ensuing mayhem in real time.

The tracking system can also do 3D views, which might suggest applications where live action needs to be tracked into CGI backgrounds.

For video demos of MyLaps Tracking, check out:



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