FDTimes NAB Debrief


Après NAB, le deluge. FDTimes  begins the data dump, debriefing, pictures, and posts. It was one of the busiest NABs, with lots of exciting new products: Cooke, Angenieux, Scorpio, ARRI/ZEISS anamorphic lenses, image shaping (filters, post, lens adapters), rigs (MuVi, mods, handgrips, handles, matteboxes, cages), incredibly innovative new ways to move the camera, more than 4K, the RED Dragon upgrade Charlie and the Chocolate Factory assembly room, Blackmagic $995 16mm 2K camera and 4K camera for around $4K dollars, internal ARRI Alexa RAW, TLS Cooke Speed Panchro rehousing, and many more things my PR addled and ad assaulted brain may have neglected.

Most of the PR and ads went like this. (The following is a  fictitious PR release, but the jargon comes directly from the emails, ads and signage at the show.) Film and Digital Times, the leading publication in the pursuit of alternative English to industry and journalistic jargon, circles and focuses on integrated image workflow capture for scalable digital asset productivity workflow solutions from acquisition to pipeline backbone cloudy hazy IT workflow ecosystems, ingest to digest and on to Heimlich maneuver, to   deliver best in class, superior, ultimate, future-proof (until next week) workflows. In other words, we write about production from shooting through post.

So, let the games begin. Reports follow–mostly in our New Products column.


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