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New from RVZ Paris

RVZ showed some interesting new products at AFC Micro Salon last week. Their prototype rectangular ring light (contradiction in terms — but still a good name) attaches to the front of an LMB5 mattebox. It’s LED, bi-color daylight-tungsten, and dimmable. Nowhere is it written that a beauty eye-light must be round, and rather than fitting something round around something square-ish… read more…

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A Tale of Two Covers

The Worldwide Edition of FDTimes has been printed in Hollywood, the French Edition has been printed in Paris. Daniel Pearl, ASC graces the cover of the former; Benoit Debie is on the latter. Both cinematographers are shown using a new Vantage One T1 prime. The French Edition was distributed at the AFC Micro Salon last week. PDF copies are ready… read more…

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