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Anamorphic 118 page Review (PDF)

Here’s a 118-page review of anamorphic cinematography from Film and Digital Times articles since 2007. It all began with a visit to Vantage, makers of Hawk Lenses. Peter Martin and Wolfgang Baumler suggested a book on anamorphic, something about which they know quite a lot. This led to more articles over those 8 years, as anamorphic widescreen took off and has been embraced many cinematographers and manufacturers. read more…

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21:9 UHD TV from Samsung & LG

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas can be a  window on where we are heading with brave new formats. New 21:9 UHD widescreen 105″ TVs will be shown Jan 7 -10 by Samsung and LG. Do the math. Yikes, that’s 2.33:1. Not 2.39:1 or 2.35:1. Or maybe it’s 2.37:1, if you count pixels. The 105-inch curved Samsung and LG TVs have 11… read more…

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