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Fujinon PL Premiers on Sony SRW-9000PL demo

VTP, Sony and Fujinon put together a 15 minute short using the Fujinon 4K Premier PL Zoom lenses on a Sony SRW-9000PL Camera. Thursday, Dec. 9 at AFI Mark Goodson Screening Room. 6:30pm. RSVP to:  For more information, click here.

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Primes and Zooms Out of Africa

More equipment than 3 guys could possibly carry or clean. This July, Bob Primes, ASC, Dan Kneece, SOC, and Yousef Linjawi flew to Tanzania with more cases than I can keep track of, filled with over $500,000 of equipment. Their package included a Sony PMW350 2/3-inch XDCAM camcorder; Fujinon HA25x16.5BERD Premier Series HD Super Telephoto ENG style lens with 2x… read more…

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Codex Demo Week in NY

Codex Digital and Band Pro are conducting in-depth demos of the Codex family of products–from production through post, with the Codex Onboard Recorder, Transfer Stations and Digital Lab systems. 645 W. 27th Street.  New York, NY 10001. Click here for registration info.


ZEISS Cine Lens Day 2010

Two thoughts come into my mind when reflecting on this year’s Cine Lens Day at Carl Zeiss in Oberkochen, Germany. 1. They sure fed us well. 2. They sure have a lot of lenses. But let’s start at the beginning… The biennial Cine Lens Day takes place at the Carl Zeiss headquarters in Oberkochen, about two hours northwest of Munich…. read more…

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ALEXA Workshop in Uruguay

Musitelli Film & Digital will conduct an ARRI Alexa Workshop for directors, DPs, camera assistants, data wranglers, DITs and post personnel at their facilities in Montevideo, Uruguay. December 9, 2010 from 9 am – 12:30 pm.  Jeffrey Reyes, ARRI Tech Rep, will attend. For more information, contact Musitelli Film & Digital. Vilardebó 1306. 11800 Montevideo, Uruguay.  Register online: click here.

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Earthrise: Story behind our December Cover

Taken on December 24, 1968, “Earthrise,” was to become one of the most influential photographs ever taken. It would evoke emotions, provoke environmental awareness, and help define an era. The photograph was originally composed with a vertical moon surface, but we’ll get to that. Forty-two years ago, Frank Borman, James A. Lovell, Jr. and William A. Anders, in Apollo 8,… read more…


December 7: CineAlta User Group Meeting NYC

Sony CineAlta Production User Group, December 7, 2010 from 7 – 8:30pm at 550 Madison Avenue in the Sony Wonder Technology Lab HD Theater, entrance on the ground floor in the Annex. Refreshments will be served.  Click here to register. Agenda PMW-F3 camcorder The PMW-F3 is a new camera from Sony with Super 35mm size sensor, with LUT support, S-LOG with… read more…

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December Issue now online for Subscribers

Our 96 page December Issue 36-38 of Film and Digital Times is now online. Subscribers: click on the MEMBERS tab, above. The print edition has gone to press. It will be in the mail soon. Our cover says “Converging Worlds.” Although convergence and 3D certainly has everyone’s attention, this is the historic year of convergence and collision between consumer and professional… read more…

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Sony F3 and NXCAM 35 at InterBEE Japan

Dorian Weber, (filmmaker, stock footage supplier via Superbshots, and “our man in Tokyo,” files this report from InterBEE: Funny about 3d…Last year Interbee great interest in 3d, but this year hardly anybody bothered to put glasses on. rushed over to Interbee Sony booth… ZEISS zooms and much more for NXCAM 35 in Sony E mount. Click on pictures in gallery… read more…

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Sony PL Primes

This is a CAD rendering of the 3 Sony PL Primes introduced this week with Sony’s affordable PMW-F3 35mm sensor camera. The 3 Primes, as part of the F3K package, will add about $7,000 to the cost of the camera-only package. That’s about $2,300 a pop. It appears that definitive focus index marks are lacking, probably to keep costs down…. read more…


Sony F3 and NXCAM 35 in LA

Those of us who spend way too much time on camera technology websites and travel the major industry tradeshow circuit like to think we’re always one step ahead. We traffic in substantiated rumors and informed speculation. We don’t guess at what’s coming next – well, some of us do. Many of us thought we knew what to expect from Sony’s Super 35mm… read more…


Working title: Sony NXCAM 35

The big surprise came at the end of Juan Martinez’s Sony PMW-F3 presentation this evening in New York. Delivered deadpan, Juan announced, “And here’s a little something we’re working on.” The work-in-progress name is Sony NXCAM 35. It’s a tiny E-mount interchangeable lens digital motion picture camera with a Super 35mm format CMOS sensor. The new addition to Sony’s professional… read more…


35mm Sensor Cameras in NY

Mark Forman put together a suberb standing-room only SMPTE presentation by leading luminaries at CBS Studio 45 this evening in New York. David Leitner, Producer, Writer and Cinematographer, gave an overview of large sensor cinematography. Jan Crittenden Livingston, Panasonic Broadcast and TV Systems, presented the AF100. Guenter Noesner, ARRI Inc, discussed Alexa. Juan Martinez, Sony Broadcast & Production Systems Division, introduced… read more…

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Cineparts EYE Mk III

Cineparts EYE Mk III. Level, Contrast Glass, Compass. This is not your basic hardware store cheapo level. Christoph Bruggaier (ex-Sachtler), CEO of Cineparts, showed us this latest version of the EYE: a veritable Swiss Army tool of wearable DP gear. It is a high-precision bubble level, a compass, and a swivel-out 1% transmission grey glass. The contrast glass is an NG3… read more…

Sony F3 FDTimes Article

The new Sony PMW-F3 camcorder is another step in the democratization of cinematography—a 35mm format digital camcorder that is lighter, smaller, faster, cheaper. Unveiled as an “affordable 35” prototype at NAB, it is shipping around the end of January 2011–with film students and indepenents in mind. But its appeal is greater. The body weighs a meager 5.3 lbs (2.4 kg)…. read more…


Cooke /i Technology and ARRI LDS

A lot of readers have been emailing questions about Cooke /i Technology and ARRI LDS on the new Sony PMW-F3. Here’s what the PL mount looks like (above). Notice the gold-plated lens data 4-pin contacts at 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock. They’re the same contacts you’ve seen before on Arricams, Alexa Plus, Sony SRW-9000PL and other cameras. (Above left) Cooke /i lenses… read more…

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Sony PMW-F3 35mm Handheld

Sony’s new PMW-F3 is Sony’s third 35mm Cinealta Digital Camcorder and is based on the XDCAM EX platform. Specs of the F35 and SRW-9000PL still exceed the F3, we’re told, but this camera is no slouch, and footage shot with all 3 cameras should intercut. The F3, above all, is still a handheld camcorder. It doesn’t sit on your shoulder…. read more…


Mystery Revealed: Sony F3

No Baloney. Sony took the wraps off their new F3 Camera today in the heady atmosphere on the 35th floor of their New York Madison Avenue headquarters. Here’s another game-changer. As the Sony signs said at IBC,”It’s a 35mm world.” This was the camera shown as a prototype under glass at NAB and IBC, labelled “Affordable 35mm Camera”. “Affordable” was an… read more…


Sony 35mm Mystery Camera

Is it magic or a mystery? Sony teased us with this stealth picture, hinting at an “indie” price and promising to reveal all very soon. Is that a 65mm Master Prime sticking out the front? The body, under wraps, doesn’t look much bigger than the lens–leading us to believe it’s a new Sony digital motion picture camera with 35mm format… read more…