Cineparts EYE Mk III

Cineparts EYE Mk III. Level, Contrast Glass, Compass. This is not your basic hardware store cheapo level. Christoph Bruggaier (ex-Sachtler), CEO of Cineparts, showed us this latest version of the EYE: a veritable Swiss Army tool of wearable DP gear. It is a high-precision bubble level, a compass, and a swivel-out 1% transmission grey glass. The contrast glass is an NG3 optical glass filter from the German manufacturer Schott Optics. It provides nearly flat wavelength response. Great for aiming lights. It comes in a hard-anodized aircraft aluminium housing and has a detachable strap. Laser-engraved marking. In the past, I may have scoffed at contrast glasses as being more a badge of office than being truly useful, but the EYE can be worn without apology. Customized marking available—perfect for the shooting in quadruple plutonium overtime during the holidays.

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