ARRI WVR-1s Small Video Receiver

ARRI WVR-1s Small Video Receiver

The new WVR-1s from ARRI is a smaller, lighter Wireless Video Receiver. The WVR-1s is part of ARRI’s WVS family of integrated (in-camera) and standalone transmitters, receivers, monitors and associated accessories.

The WVR-1s is smaller and lighter than ARRI’s WVR-1 receiver. It will be at home attached to a Wireless Lens Control Hand Unit and Monitor (shown below), on the back of a focus-puller’s monitor or working with any monitor on set.

 The WVR-1s body is rugged, milled aluminum. The antennas are protected within a ribbed top cover (shown above). It pairs with ARRI’s WVS transmitter. Range is rated up to 150 meters/500 feet.


  • Power IN (10.5-34 V DC) 2-pin Lemo
  • Power OUT (12 V DC, max 2.0A) 2-pin Lemo

Marc Shipman-Mueller, a Camera Systems Product Manager at ARRI, said: “The ARRI Wireless Video System features are based on many conversations with industry professionals. Responding to further customer demand, we are now taking the next logical step of introducing a small receiver, the WVR-1s. We are doing this in close coordination with Teradek, which supplies the Amimon technology inside the WVR-1s. We are looking forward to a continued positive working relationship.”

Cooperation with Teradek

Needless to say, there may have been some concern when FDTimes and others reported on November 9, 2018:  “Amimon Inc. was acquired by The Vitec Group plc. Amimon will be integrated into Vitec’s Creative Solutions division. Creative Solutions, with headquarters in Southern California, comprises Teradek, SmallHD, Wooden Camera, Paralinx, Rycote—and now Amimon. If you work with wireless video, chances are that an Amimon chipset is inside. It’s somewhat like computers having the label ‘Intel Inside.’ Amimon designs and provides the proprietary chips and circuits inside most of the wireless products from Teradek, ARRI and other companies. Teradek and Amimon have been working together closely since 2012. Amimon’s technology paved the way for user-friendly and reliable wireless systems that ‘cut the cables’ between camera, video village and video monitors on set.”

(see Amimon article on pages 48-65 in February 2019 FDTimes)

In a joint statement today, ARRI, Vitec Creative Solutions and Teradek confirm their continued commitment to the ARRI WVS product line, which is now being expanded with this latest addition, the ARRI WVR-1s.

Nicol Verheem, Teradek Founder & CEO and Vitec Creative Solutions CEO, said: “Our team at Teradek has long admired the market leadership and innovative spirit of ARRI and we continue to appreciate the way their technology and products transform our industry year after year. Bringing the brilliant Amimon R&D team and wireless video technology inside our organization was an important step for us. Owners of the ARRI Wireless Video System should have total confidence that this acquisition will not affect the continued support of ARRI’s Amimon-based solutions. In fact, with Teradek leading Amimon to develop more cine-focused products, the production community will see faster development of new enabling tools and capabilities. We are excited about our joint roadmap and our continued cooperation with ARRI.”

Stephan Schenk, Managing Director of ARRI Cine Technik and ARRI’s Camera Systems Business Unit, said: “Amimon has the best wireless video transmission technology, and creating our own line of high-end wireless video products was important to provide a complete camera and camera accessory system. The response from our customers has been very positive, praising the system’s reliable transmission, robust build, flexible power solutions, and ease of use. We are now eager to continue to improve our system together with Teradek; they are very forward-thinking and they understand the motion picture industry from the inside. This will greatly benefit future wireless video developments for both our companies’ product lines.”

The first shipments of the new compact receiver WVR- 1s are expected in May 2019.




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