ARRI Handle Extensions HEX



Once upon a time, there was an ARRI top handle called CCH-4. Its full name was Camera Center Handle 4.

But not all camera crews carry cameras the same way. And so, the PCA team conceived of a modular  system of handle extensions.   

The ARRI Handle Extensions HEX system carries on the design of the Camera Center Handle CCH-4. Each component can be connected in multiple ways to extend out from the top handle. It lets you customize your own top handle or turn it into a Hollywood Handle.

Each HEX component has a 3/8-16 screw at the front with two anti-twist locating pins. A corresponding 3/8-16 threaded socket is at the back. The HEX components also have many ¼-20 threaded sockets and Rod Mounting Bracket RMB-3 connecting points.

The HEX system can become a Hollywood Handle to better balance the camera on its bottom dovetail plate or operate from the rear without grabbing the on-board battery.

ARRI Handle Extensions HEX System

The HEX set includes 5 straight ARRI Handle Extensions, 1 curved unit,  a wood grip and a composite grip. The number designation of each HEX component refers to the quantity of 3/8-16 threaded sockets it has (HEX-1 has one and HEX-5 has five). HEX comes in a foam inlay that fits in a Pelicase 1179. (Pelicase not included).

HEX components come in a foam inlay that fit in a hard shell like the Pelicase 1179.



(This is a “reprint” from August 2020 FDTimes issue 104.)

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