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Ikonoskop ACam DII

The guys from Sweden who brought us the Acam 16 mm camera a few years ago are now presenting the Acam DII. The Acam DII is a small and lightweight HD Camcorder that records 1920×1080 RAW CinemaDNG directly on excangeable 160 GB drives. It is available with C-mount, Leica-mount or PL-mount.

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Marvin: Washing Machine for Data

An “automatic washing machine for video data”. That’s how Russell Branch of Marvin Technologies describes Marvin. Basically, Marvin takes a RED CF card, and performs a so called protocol. A protocol in this case, is a list of chores Marvin will perform, like copying data to the built in raid, verifying the copied files, process them to Quicktime, archive them on… read more…

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Cine Deck

Alan Hoff  from Cinedeck calls his product an “extremely capable recorder”. A look at the spec sheet shows, he’s not bragging. The Cinedeck ($ 9995)  is not much larger than a 7″ monitor, records up to 4:4:4 uncompressed (with a $ 2995 option installed), has Ambient timecode ($ 795 option) and records to SSDs or SSD raids. The base version… read more…

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ARRI DSLR Accessories

ARRI has expanded their product line for prosumer HD camcorders and DSLRs.

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P+S Technik 16Digital SR Mag

Last year, P+S Technik showed a prototype of a digital magazine for Arri 16SR cameras. This year they are almost ready to deliver. The mag has a 2/3″ Thomson sensor and records full 1920×1080 resolution in a visually lossless compressed RAW format on SSD cartridges or HD with a Cineform codec.  Soon, selected customers will be able to buy a… read more…

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Zeiss Master Prime 12 mm

Zeiss is extending their Master Prime Series with a 12 mm T1.3 Its close focus is at 40 cm, the angle of view for ANSI S35 is 90.98°. The front diameter is 156 mm, like the 10 or 12 mm Ultra Prime, so a LMB-4 will fit.


Zeiss Compact Primes 2 with Micro 4/3rds mount

Zeiss has added the Micro4/3rds mount to their Compact Prime Series, which are now available with PL, Canon EF, Nikon F and Micro4/3rds interchangeable mounts. All the mounts have a support bracket with 1/4″ threaded hole to attach a lens support, if necessary and all CP2 lenses now have an iris with 14 rounded shutter blades. New to the set… read more…

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Element Technica Neutron and Pulsar 3D Rigs

Element Technica 3D rigs come in three sizes: Quasar, Pulsar and Neutron. The Quasar 3D rig is intended for large cameras like the Sony F-23/35, the RED One, Sony F-900, and Alexa. The Neutron is for small cameras like the SI-2K, box cameras or the RED Epic brains. It is extremely small and lightweight, converts from mirror to side by… read more…

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CMotion Camin-2

These guys must love 3D. You need two of everything. Now there’s even a new product. Cmotion, the maker of follow focus and other fine devices  from Vienna, developed the cvolution system. Among other things, it offers basic 3D functionality, like pairing focus or iris for two lenses. The problem has been, for example, if you wanted to be able… read more…


Screenplane X-Y mount

Sebastian Cramer, inventor of the Mini Skater Dolly, has something new. He wanted to use zoom lenses on his RED cameras for stereography. And, he wanted to be able to zoom during the take. For this, proper alignment of lens and camera is crucial, but hard to achieve. So he came up with a simple,ingenious idea, the X-Y mount. With… read more…


The Early Years of Super 16 and How it All Started

Rune Ericson, the father of Super 16, goes back to April 1966 and takes us on a guided tour of the invention and evolution of this important format. read more…

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3D: Stereoscopic Cinematography (PDF)

Articles on 3D history, definitions, theory, practice, technique and tools: by Rob Hummel, Alain Derobe, Florian Maier and Michael Phillips. read more…


Canon HJ40x10B telephoto EFP lens (10-400mm / 20-800mm)

If you get this close to heaven bring a long lens. read more…

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